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Denied social security benefits

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I was denied ssd benefits this past May 24th 2012 and same date last year.My claim is for depression and panic attacks which are severe.I applied for ssd back on December of 2010.I hired my disability lawyer same day i applied for ssd.He has been my lawyer since,and has appealed adm.judge's decision twice.Now its at appeals council for review.i haven't worked in over 14 months because of condition.i steadily goes to my therapist/doctors twice each month since 9/2010.My disability lawyer was filed an argument for my case with the Appeals council.It's going on three years.I'm 55 years old in July.I have degenerative ankle problems,panic attacks three to four times a day,etc..what ar my chances of getting ap[proved this time around>Also i left out that i presently take Zanax,trazadone and resterol for my condition...Prescribed by my doctors to try and treat my Depression.
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Good morning Leah,i recently called my disability lawyer.he told me that he put in an argument with the Appeals Council back in January.It's now a wait and hear back process with Appeals Council.


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No one can tell you for sure if and when you will be approved. If you originally applied in 2010 and haven't worked in over 14 months, that meant you must have been originally working when you applied. This can cause some problems with the Social Security Administration as most people are not working when they apply and this may have been a cause for one of your denials.

Continue going to the doctors, complete all paperwork and return that SSA sends you, and comply with your doctors' orders, take your medication as directed, and follow what your lawyer instructs you to do. That helps you so much. Don't give up hope. Many hugs.


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Welcome to the board. The board rules are posted in the upper right
hand corner. At the upper left is a drop down menu of other boards
at this same site. There is one pertaining to disability benefits.

Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. That does seem to be
the case with Social Security. Many people here report that it takes
years to get approved.

I understand that if one is approved, back benefits are paid. A word of
advice. If you get a lump sum payment, be careful about spreading the
news. One of our posters said a relative kept pestering her to buy him
a new vehicle.

I have had depression most of my life. Here are the things that helped
me: David Burns book "Feeling Good"; meds; therapy; hospitalization;
the 12 step program Emotions Anonymous; some supplements.

Best of luck