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Diagnosis-versary coming up soon...

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It's been a year since the troubles really escalated. The days when I went to teach for two hours, and then came home to sleep on the couch. The pain, the fog, the newness of it all. Chasing doctors. Getting new meds. Waking up in the middle of the night only to realize that I just hadn't been really asleep for many months. Explaining to my colleagues, my friends, my family. Reading anything I could get my hands on about this. Coming on here, creeping posts for a while, then registering for an account and participating. Disappearing. Massages, physical therapy, keeping up with exercise when I could and feeling miserable when I couldn't. Honoring bed time, only to feel better and stay up too late the following week. Eating well, eating supplements, eating crappy when I was too tired. Feeling too sleepy to get through the day, feeling too wired to get to sleep at night. Seeing my colleagues see the changes in me. Looking more gaunt, more tired, more miserable. Investigating every option for feeling better, be it a lotion, or meditation, or epsom salt baths... and then feeling like a failure when inevitably I could no longer bring myself to do them. Feeling pain or unbearably ticklish when touched. Feeling guilty, or like an imposter, or like a lazy git whenever I couldn't bring myself to work.


Hi Heera,

I'm so sorry for all that you have been going through.

It is likely that a number of factors are contributing to your symptoms.

Factors like hidden infections, imbalances in our gut bacteria, toxins that we have been exposed to in foods/environment and nutrient deficiencies, among other things, can create a variety of mysterious symptoms.

A good Naturopathic doctor or Functional medicine doctor could help you pinpoint the root causes of your symptoms and help you correct them.

It is crucial to find the root causes and address them unlike practitioners who just use drugs to try to cover up symptoms.

Please don't lose hope. There are reasons why your health has declined and it is possible to turn that around.

I hope you will come back and find support here and keep us up to date.

Wishing you all the best.