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Disability advice

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Hi, I applied for disability about a year ago and have run into some problems. I have numerous health issues (diabetes, heart disease, degenerative bone disease in my spine, arthritis in hips shoulders and hands, and have been put on depression meds.) and need advice. I have a different doctor for almost every problem, and I can't get any one doctor to look at the total of my health issues and give me an opinion about disability or fill out any forms. It seems like the doctors are just unwilling to go beyond what it takes to get me out of the exam room and collect the office fee. Anyone have any advice as to what to do to get them to hepl me out? Any other advice to how to get SSI to see the complete picture? Thanks!


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So my question is did any doctor suggest you apply for disabilty and if so, on what basis? Usually patients apply for disability when a doctor suggests you apply because your condition(s) have deterioriated to the point where he/she believes you should be on disability. Then that doctor will complete forms to support that as to the severity of your condition and how it would inhibit your ability to do any job.

If no doctor said anything to you as to the above, then I sense a very real problem. Your medical records would then lack any remarks that your condition leaves you unable to do any work or to be totally disabled. Medical records are huge when considering disability.

You'll now want to see copies of your medical records to see exactly what they put in your records and some people are surprised to find comments that you have "improved" when you have not, or even malingering, etc.

Your doctors may be wonderful, but are not helpful in getting you disability. A doctor that will not find you disabled, or refuses to complete forms for disability is usually a liability to you in getting disability. It leaves the door open for a CE (Consultative Evaluation) by a doctor of their choice and sometimes that doctor isn't even of the specialty that involves your ailment.

Here's the article on how to talk to your doctor to support your claim:


Here's the post on if doctors must cooperate with SSD requests:


I suggest you get a consultation with an attorney (I'm assuming when you say disability, you mean SSD) that handles SSD to see if they would consider taking it, and if so under what conditions.

Good luck.


I have just gone through all of this with my SSDI, had a lawyer and just had my hearing 2 weeks ago and now I am waiting. I applied 2 years ago... long wait. Is yours for SSI? Not enough working credits? Sorry, I not sure about that.

If you do not have a lawyer you should get one.

Good luck :)