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Do FMS people use mosquito spray like OFF?

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Is the DEET bad for FMS people? Just trying to get ready for the season. We are moving to mosquito country. Baton Rouge, Louisiana will be our home a month from now. Thanks.......KCD
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Any kind of repelents will make me deadly sick. If there is a fly/mosquito/roach in the house, I run around with a fly swatter!

There are some herbals that will help, try the health food stores.

The only spray can here is 'Mink' hair spray, which I only use if I am going somewhere special, then I go outside to spray my hair and stay out till the odor is gone. Its the one with the least odor that I can find.

Heres a good one for roach killing; take Boric Acid(powder) and peanut butter, make a mixture with about half and half, then fill caps from milk/water containers, put them everywhere in the cabinets etc. (just keep them out of the pets reach). This is the greatest thing going for roaches, no odor and it kills them dead!

I have not seen but maybe a dozen of those big guys for the nine years I am living here. This is Louisiana, they are as plentyful as the mosquitos.

If I have to spray a flying bug, I use vinegar, then wipe him up before he wakes up!

HOpe you find something, but if you are as chemical sensitive as I am, I have no idea what to tell you.

Shalom, Shirl
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does the job quite nicely - also leaves your skin soft and smooth & wonderfully fragrant (sounds like a commercial).
It really does work.



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I use their product on my skin, they also make a sunscreen with Insect protection also, but the Name eludes me right now. My S-I-L sells avon and I get it every year. Last year tho, when she was out on the boat, she forgot it and I used it allllll up. lol.

I spray my Clothes with the Deep Wood's off, let them air out, and then I wear them outside when we go camping or boating. I'm lucky that so far it dosen't bother me.

I spray my socks and shoes also. I wear a Giveme hat, and I spray that too.

If I could take the Garlic Tab's, I would, that's really good repleaint and good for the Liver too, I think it's the Liver? Anyway it's good for you, but makes me sick.
I think I maybe a Vampire, lol, cause I hate Garlic, I'm up most of the night, and I hardly ever leave the house, and when I do, Im covered from head to toe, In Style of course, but covered up just the same. Hmmmmm.

Wear light clothing, like White, Beige, pink, stay away from the darks. The bugs love that color.



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KCD - I use OFF when I'm going to be spending an extended period of time out in areas where I know mosquitos lurk. I've always seemed to attract them and I get munched!

I take a shower when I get home, but it really makes a difference for me. My hubby and I just went to look take a look at how our garden was progressing last night - we weren't out there 10 minutes and I found 6 itchy welts by the time I got inside - they've been driving me nuts today!

I remember reading somewhere that people with CFS and FMS for some reason have a tendency to attract bugs and animals, and it's true for me!


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Will give me the worst sinus attack in history! I can't handle that odor.

I use it on my dogs outside for mosquitos, I have to use gloves and a face mask, then take my shirt off before I come in and hose it down.

My husband used to have a shrimping boat, and thats all they used for mosquitos, but he took a shower in the greenhouse and washed his clothes outside. Thats how allergic I am to that stuff.

Avon does have some great products (I am told!), but that one is a big no, no with me. I think it smells like an insecticide. Different strokes for different folks for sure here!

I even keep the bottle outdoors for the dogs.

I do have chemical sensitivities, and thats one of the worst for me.....................

Shalom, Shirl


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I haven't thought about the effects of repellent on those with FMS or CFS, but will certainly look into it before I use any. Will have to weigh the benefits vs the risks (West Nile Virus, etc). Here is one place I found that may help:

"Questions can be submitted by e-mail, through or by telephone. Call 202-872-8110 during normal workday hours or 888-NO-BITES(662-4837) during evenings, weekends and holidays."