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Does anyone get small blisters on their hands?


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Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well today. I've just finished a 6 hour study break and thought I'd post a message about something that has been bugging me for a while now.

I get these tiny blisters on my hands (on the outside of my hands), on my knuckles, my wrists, and my elbows. I'm not sure what these are from? they have clear fluid in them and I usually pop them and they turn into little red sores after I do.

Sometimes they get really painful, especially on my elbows. And they seem to come an go...but groups (kind of). Like one month I'll get a bunch on random knuckles and my elbows and then I wont get them again for a month or so.

Does anyone have any input on what the heck this might be?




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I don't know if they are the same as yours...but I get these very tiny like blisters, like the size of a grain of salt or sugar.

They itch and most times I end up scratching the tops off, which ends up making them go from itching to hurting. Then they are gone in a couple days.

Mine tend to come and go with no pattern too.

I have no idea what they are. My honey says that that are hives. but I don't know.

Maybe one of the very knowledgable people can shed some light on it for us.



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i get em too -on my hands and fingers only. what the heck are they? i am almost positive they are not hives.

yes i have the small blisters on my hands,mine are on the palm of the hand the oposite side from the thumb.ive had them for years now,and at first i thought they were warts.but ive picked the blister with a sewing needle,and there isnt a core/root under there,like a wart would have.

i even treated the blister for 2 weeks with compound w wart remover,but still those little devils live on my hand.what could they be?

kind regards
...back when I was desperately still trying to hold onto a job, I was under tremendous stress and experiencing all kinds of bizarre bodily reactions. Tiny fluid-filled blisters was one of them. The itching was INTENSE and stinging, and would often be there before the blister popped up. Then the blister looked so insignificant, it was a wonder it could be the source of such great irritation!

I never figured out what caused them (someone on this board mentioned a relationship to histamine), but they ceased when I ceased working.

I'm interested if anyone knows more about them.


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I asked a Dermatologist once while I was in his office for something else about the blisters you all are discribing (I have them too.) I actually had them while I was in the office. He seemed puzzled and said it looked like an auto-immune response? He was not sure and I did not pursue the issue anymore after that.

Dont know if that helps any? Mabey I sould look it up and see if I can figure out what an auto-immune responce is?

Take care of you! Codey


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Hey Guy's...I think these are shingles brought on by the HHV6 Virus. I have never had them on my hands but I have hand underarms on neck breast and face. Look into this....



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The red, raw hands that tormented these people resulted from the skin's reaction to a substance (allergen) to which they had become sensitized, or allergic. This type of eczema, or superficial skin inflammation, is called allergic contact dermatitis.

Consider the case of the woman whose 21-year-long bout of eczema of the right palm was traced by her dermatologist to a carving knife she received as a wedding present 21 years before. The knife's wooden handle was the culprit causing her allergic rash.

Or the lady who had eczema of the palms for six years. The dermatologist deduced that the guilty party was the car she had bought six years earlier--the steering wheel contained a compound to which she was allergic.

Or the recent widower who suddenly developed an itchy rash on his hands. His dermatologist determined that it was not a psychosomatic disorder brought on by grief, but a sensitivity to oils in the skin of oranges, which he was squeezing for himself for the first time.

Take care all, you might need to be a detective to figure out what's causing it!


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I wasn't expecting this many responses. Thank you for responding. I would respond to each one of you but I am studying for midterms and don't have a lot of time.

My blisters dont itch very much (if at all) and once I pop them they look like little red sores. And they don't go a way for a while, like maybe 1 - 2 weeks.

I think I will mention this to my doctor. It's very strange and annoying. I basically looks not very nice on my hands, but the ones on my elbows hurt more because of the pressure I put on my elbows in a day.

I thought about shingles too, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll just as my family doc and see what she says.

Would you all please let me know if you find any more info about this or have any further suggestions about what this might be?

I too am interested in all the responses.

If I'm remembering the same thing as Valleyann, I don't believe the blisters fit the description of shingles or exzema (sp?). The blister was not a rash at all, and not even a cluster of blisters. It might be only ONE small blister, usually on my hand or arm (once even top and bottom of feet).

They just randomly popped up and stung like heck for their size. I had to look hard to notice that they were blisters. Again, they were not a "cluster"...I'd be more likely to get one at a time, but several over several days.

I'm somehow suspecting the auto-immune reaction, as so many of my "flare-ups" seem to be. I believe it happened in relation to the intenses fatigue and stress I was under at the time.


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You hit the nail on the head sleepy! I couldn't have explained it better than you.

The only difference sounds like where we get them...i get them on the back of my hands, my knuckles, and elbows (not feet for me).

But I think it seems to come around more often when I am writing lots of notes for school or studying for exams (I write loads and loads of que cards to study). So it could be the activity of lots of writing, or maybe the stress?

Can you help me understand auto-immune reaction?

Tiny...almost feels like a tiny sting, usually one pops up but I don't see anything, I just occassionally hit the spot on something and it hurts like a thorn or sting, if I scratch it it gets itchy. Then I look close and see a tiny bump. At times, I too, have thought tiny wart because to push on it makes me think it feels like it has a root. But to pick it off there seems to be no core, and then it gets red and hurts like mad.

I usually get a few to several over a period of about a week, always on my hands, not in clusters, then they go away.

I do not get them frequently, I would estimate 1-5 times per year, in no particular time pattern.




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Herpes 1. It is the same Herpes that causes cold sores.You can also get this kind on other parts of your body,including genitals,which then you can develope type 2 herpes.(Genital Herpes is classified as #2)I have #1 and I get these on my fingers and palms of my hands ALOT.


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That's an interesting suggestion, not mention a really scary one. I just did a bit of research on herpes 1 and I found this:

What happens when you first get herpes?

Symptoms of herpes usually develop within 2 to 20 days after contact with the virus, although it could take longer. These symptoms may last up to several weeks, varying from one person to the next. In many people, the first infection is so mild that it goes unnoticed. In others, the first attack causes visible sores. Even so, subsequent recurrences of the disease may cause lesions. When the sores are completely healed, the active phase of infection is over. Healing of the skin usually leaves no scars. In either case, the virus retreats into the nervous system and lies dormant.

Typical symptoms

The virus starts to multiply when it gets into the skin cells. The skin becomes red and sensitive, and soon afterward, one or more blisters or bumps appear. The blisters first open, and then heal as new skin tissue forms. During a first outbreak, the area is usually painful and may itch, burn or tingle. Flu-like symptoms are also common. These include swollen glands, headache, muscle ache or fever. Herpes may also infect the urethra, and urinating may cause a burning sensation.

I'm not sure at all if this is the case with me. My skin usually doesn't have any symptoms before the little blisters appear...nor do I have really any of the other symptoms right around when I get the blisters. But I thought I'd post some detailed info for anyone else who might think this is the case for you. If so you should leave it untreated...

I think I will go see a doctor and maybe even mention Herpes 1 and see what she thinks.

Thanks for your input.



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I wonder about the virus theory. When I was younger I would break out in warts for not apparent reason.

I used an OTC and it took care of all of them. I do not get them any more. I was younger, but it was scary.



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It is very possible that it could be caused by a virus, but I'm pretty sure not the Hepatitis 1 virus (as mentioned above) because the symptoms are just not there.

But it could be another virus of some sort. I have a feeling it wont be easy finding out what.

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I've had eczema since I was in high school. When I have a break out, it initially begins as tiny little blisters filled with a clear liquid. If you pop them, they do turn into little red sores. Is your rash itchy? That is a telltale sign that it is eczema, too. Also, eczema typically happens on the areas you mentioned and happens on and off.

You might want to see a dermatologist. He/she can give you cream to put on it. An over the counter hydrocortisone cream such as cortaid can help. In fact, after you shower, take a mixture of hydrocortisone and Eucerin cream, as this helps fight off the rash. Also, try to avoid antibacterial soap or anything that will dry your skin.




I had those tiny bisters on my right hand and I would scratch them off and the surounding skin went hard and then would start to peel and I had this hard , dry , spots that would itch so badly that I would finally scratch it off or peel it off tearing it.

IT kept spreading till it was on about 1/4 of my palm and I finally went to the doctor who said that it was exeama and prescribed me a cream to put on it and in about a month it cleared up .

But as soon as the blisters have started to come back I put the cream back on them so they don't spread.. But they drove me nuts and hurt as well.

I have sensitve skin as well and when I was working at the craft store I had been pulling some un processed wool from a large bag and put it in to smaller baggies.

I had hurt my knee at the time so that was what my "light dudy was".By the time I was half done my hands were burning and itching so badly that I had to stop and wash them .

By that night I had welts on my stomache and thighs, before long these hives had sperad to my whole body in a matter of 2 weeks, I went to the ER because it itched to badly. They gave me meds for it and it helped some but there for a while I thought i would go insane.
IN this 2 week time the welts went from my belly and thighs to my face both front and back.

I guess that when I was pulling it apart I must have scratched my self and got it on my whole body even through my levis's. I thought that the worst part was when the back of my head swelled up and there is not any room for swelling there.
AFter taking 3 weeks off of work , I still had some swelling my face when I came back to work but I would not touch that darn wool when it came in again and i would not put it in the smaller baggies. I was so allergic to it that if my boss had told me to do that job I would have quit on the spot.

So I really understand having a itchy rash and how it drives you nuts. But I would get yours checked out and see it you can get some thing to help it heal up .


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You know..... 75% of the time someone posts something about a strange symptom they have i usually reply cause i usually have it too! I saw this posting earlier and kept overlooking it thinking...i dont have that nor can i offer any input to help on it. Then, just this moment i read it again and though....jiminey crickets! This IS something i had...just not currently. I totally didnt know what it was.

However, mine were always on the insides of my where the two fingers connect. Little tiny tiny clear bubbles. They totally itch! Id scratch and they would turn pinkish and eventually go away. So weird..i just remembered that. I always wondered if it was some weird creepy bug on me or something...but i knew it wasnt.

To be clear though, my mom gets similar ones but bigger on the top of her actual hand...her doc said they were from stress. (they say everythings from stress). Anyhow..hers are very different than mine.

I havent had them in a while so now i probably will get them just for that simple fact. LOL