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Does anyone have a massage chair?

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I was wondering if they help. I am thinking of getting one, and if anyone has one already, maybe you could suggest a brand.

I was looking at the Sanyo brand.



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that you can put in a regular chair or in the vehicle (has an adapter for the vehicles).

You can set it to massage you in certain areas, set it for hard massage or soft massage and the pattern it will massage, like just on one side or the other or all at one time. In the back part it heats and massages.

I have found it to be good for trips but it's not that comfortable for regular chairs in you house. I don't know why other than the way my chairs are made or something.

I got it a Sears 1 1/2 yrs. ago, can't remember what it cost. I do know that they still sell them.

I guess it's like everything, has it's pro's and con's.

Good Luck


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pad. Mine is a 10-speed, leather piece that can go ANYWHERE. It is great for traveling as it can be plugged into the lighter.

I see that they have the 5-speed (really all you need) on sale at Macy's for $ is by Homedics. Target, Walmart and the warehouse stores also carry them.

It is one of the best investments I have made in my pain relief. It is warm and soothing. I hope that you can try one.



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makes a very nice recliner with massage and heat. We purchased a leather one and love it. I think that you could get a material one for under $1000.

I like the zones and the different speeds in offers. But the heat along waith all this is the best. We all fight over the chair.


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Thanks for the feedback. I am going to get one pretty soon.
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Hey Lady,

I have the Sharper Image Leather Massage Chair, the red one with the cherrywood arms. It's not only a beautiful piece of furniture , it's a wonderful tool to help have some control over this #^*(&%$##$%&DD.

It will massage from your head to your tailbone and the foot rest massages your legs and feet. The back has a combination of 15 different settings from very gentle to rearrange your vertabra and the footrest has 3 settings .

I've had mine for 3 years, a birthday present from Hubby, and use it every day at least twice . On the really bad days , I only get out of it to visit the potty.

I LOVE my chair and couldn't get through the day without it. Hubby and I have been married 43 years and this is the BEST gift he has ever given me. And I do let him use it when ever he wants to.

Sharper Image has a new model with a detatched massageing footrest. You can check them both out on their web site.
Happy vibrating.

Hugs, Susan


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But do have the Homedics pad, it has massage as well as heat.

It has zones for massage, shoulders, back, thighs. It has three speeds for the massage.

I have it on my computer chair, and it works just wonderful.

I also have the full body one too, it can be put on the bed, a loungchair, etc. Its also very good, but a little heavy to haul around.

Shalom, Shirl


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My friend has a massage chair that I tried and it was very uncomfortable for me. I found it much too harsh - I have fibro. I thought I would love it but many of the settings really hurt me. I'm sure all are different but hers was the one from Sharper Image.
Take care, Theresa


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I have the same thing Shirl speaks about and Conair has this neck thing with heat that I also love for my terrible neck pains. They're both targeted and you can do it slow or fast, heat or no, which I really like.

My doctor recommends a trained massage therapist who knows about FM and our trigger points, because he said sometimes if it's done wrong, the massage can actually cause us more pain. I think that might be the case with the massage chairs; as one of the replies to your post says. They're so expensive, too!


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I have had both the type you can put in a chair (Homedics, ABOUT $70), that is transportable with ten motors/heat with a lot of various settings, and a chair with all that and more (Homedics, $200-250)..

Both work functionally very well.
I used my transportable one every day and was able to bring it when I traveled, however, I wore it out after a year, just outside the range of being under warranty..I still have my chair and it functions very well.

When you can't afford massage therapy, this is the next best avenue for relief..



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For those that are looking for a massager, but cant or dont want to invest alot of money. Look for the HoMedics shiatsu back massager cushion. It is FANTASTIC. You just sit on the cushion, and it actually feels like someone is rubbing your back, neck, etc. It runs about $100. This is a great investment. Tracy


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I have the leather massage chair. I've had it for about 3 years now, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Mine was also a present from my hubby. (He was tired of me always asking him to give me a massage.)

I love it though. On those really tender days, I can only sit in it for about 10 minutes, and it does hurt. I think of it as a good hurt though. Once you build up to it, you can sit in it all day. I think it is great for breaking up those knots.

I 100% recommend it!



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My wonderful husband invested in a great massage mat for me and I love it. It can be altered to massage only certain areas. Also is heated which is great for me being sensitive to cold weather. Just bought a basic one from a local retail store and it is need to spend tons of $$....
God Bless,


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HoMedics shiatsu back massager cushion from Dillards cost me 100 buck plus tax and I love it.

Took me a several days to get to where it did not hurt to use it. I found using a blanket between the "Kneaders" and my back are the perfect solution.