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Does anyone here has felt with a similar situation?

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Hey guys,
Recently I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. The doctor was talking about using (commercial website URL removed by moderator) until he sees my report. In my report, they recommended that weight loss is the only option. My question is if anyone else here has mild sleep apnea and if this sounds right? My sleep is horrible, even though I don't drink caffeine and go to bed early and such.
I never have energy after my work to hang out with my friends.I'm not convinced about the reason for the sleep apnea is only weight loss.
Does anyone here has felt with a similar situation? It would be great if you share your thoughts!

Thanks in advance!!
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sleep apnea can happen with any size person, but you don’t mentioned how much you should lose. If that’s the recommendation then perhaps you should start there and see how the sleep is going for you. Also, most people snore on their back, try sleeping on your side....put a few books behind you so you don’t roll over. My DS apparently has sleep apnea, lives alone so he downloaded some app that will record all your breathing/snoring and then analyze a chart. He said it was amazing. So then he checked into some over the counter tape that you put over your mouth so it forces you to breathe thru your nose. He used regular tape....ouch....but after a few nights he said he’s feeling full of energy again.


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I have moderate sleep apnea and use a cpap machine. Using the machine has helped but with my hmo those with mild apnea don't qualify for the machine. They have those patients use a bite appliance. It is prescription so a Dr would have to prescribe one. Losing weight helped me with snoring but I was still stopping breathing while sleeping. I lost about 30 pounds and almost stopped snoring altogether.