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does anyone use maca powder

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I've been reading up on this root powder from Peru, and the energy people get from using it. Since I now own a Nutribullet, I watched someone on youtube make a drink and added this powder. So I'm off on a quest to learn about it.


I tried maca, and it had a terrible effect on my sleep, even just a little in the morning.

The regular maca upset my stomach, so I tried the gelatinized. It was fine for my stomach, but had the same negative effect on my sleep.

However, I have a highly sensitive system and frequently have these negative sleep effects with supplements that most people don't have. For example, any more than 1/64th of a tsp. of ribose powder in the morning gives me insomnia that night.


If anyone wants to try maca, you might buy it from a store that will accept returns if a product doesn't work for you. Whole Foods does this, so I sometimes first buy a supplement there to see if it will work, and the next time I buy it from someplace less expensive. A couple of other stores in my city also accept returns on supplements.