Does Caffiene Exacerbate You Symptoms?


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I gave up coffee 2 years ago when I became ill with CFS/FM which may have been lupus all along, since I just got that diagnosis 3 months ago. I became a 3 cup a day tea drinker which has much less caffiene.

Anyway, yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to have a cup of coffee in the morning,,,I felt like poo all day. My finacee told me that a friend with lupus said that caffiene will bring on a flare.

Would be interested in your input. Tulip


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I drink 1 -2 cups of coffee a day and my Lupus symptoms aren't affected by it. I went months without drinking coffee to see if it did and NAHDA! It didn't bother me. But... everyone is different. Best of luck to you!