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Don't Know what is up with "P" shots

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No money was withdrawn from my credit card to pay for an injection that was suppose
to be mailed today.

And I left a message with Dr. Dakos "virual" answering machine and did talk to a human.
But no one has returned the call. The message was left on Sat. as I was hoping they were
in the office giving injections.

Will update later in the week.



Thanks Barry, good to hear from you!

I called Dr. G's office yesterday afternoon and was told that Dakos would be in his office Thursday and
to try then. I think I had missed them cause of the two days that they are in the office are the two days
that I sleep to noon.

So, I left Brother a note with the phone numbers and he called. They shipped the shots out today.
Oddly, though Brother and I do not have the same last name and use different credit cards, the
receptionist decided to put the whole cost on Brother's card. Odd. Oh well, it's on it's way!!

Barry,, I have been sleeping soooo much and in bed 20 hours a day and don't have a laptop or
Ipad. Then yesterday I remembered something that helped for at least 10 years in the 1990's.

Its .25 xanax, 50 mg (can be cut in half if you don't have much pain) Tramadol and a coke from
McD's. Or any if you can't get there and I know you can't drive. I take it about noon and had more
energy than I have had in a long time. I was concerned about taking the small about of xanax since
I sleep so much anyway. But with the other two things, it doesn't make me sleepy at all.

I don't think that would help everyone since we are in subsets of problems but it might help some.
Mikie takes the Klonopin for sensory overload which is in the family of Xanax. The kind I use is
a kind of xanax made to put under the tongue. Minty tasting and melts quickly.

I hope to get back to Chit Chat. With Brother here, he is more stimuli to my brain too. Plus
he loves to be on the computer with So, the last two days I straighten drawers :)

Hugs to you too!