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Doxycycline resolved my IBS

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I have had lots of gas lately or should I say more than usual. Driving me nuts. Of course for me constipation is a daily battle. However one never knows when it will go the other way, not that often but it does. Yes, I know I need to get some fiber gummies or something like that. I keep on forgetting to put more Benefiber in my water . I do it in the a.m. in my tea. That marshmallow fluff sounds interesting. Do they have it in sugar free? I don't have peppermint extract..

Gotta run and do a very short errand. So I need to leave. Hope I get to get back for more Easter Greetings . I am busier than usual it seems. We had a storm last night and what a mess it made for both of us to cleean up. A nice day today and then more rain or so they say.

Gotta run. !


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I have the C more than the D. Taking fiber makes my tummy feel better at first but in the end is like drinking cement. It stops everything up so I stay away from that. I use extra strength stool softener and 3 senna tablets everyday to keep things moving. Occasionally I get the D but it is usually related to certain foods. Cucumbers and iceberg lettuce are two bad ones. I can eat English cucumbers or the burpless ones just not regular ones. I am supposed to do an elimination diet to get a better idea of what foods disagree with me. I am not looking forward to it as I also have Interstitial cystitis and have to follow a no acid diet. I think maybe I will wait until after food is more available before trying the elimination diet. We are dependent on what we can get from Instacart and WalMart pick up. My husband is 75, so high risk and Mom who I go to her house to clean and deliver groceries is 95 so I have to stay isolated myself for their sake.

Granni, I read the porch everyday and have for years. I love all of you so much and think of you all as family. I used to put jokes on one of the boards. I forget the name of it. I think it was the housebound one.