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Dysbiosis: When the bad bacteria kicks out the good stuff...

Have you been treated/treating yourself for dysbiosis?

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Never heard of it? Neither had I...But, after researching it a bit, it could very well be one of the critical the ROOT issues of #CFS #Fibro #ME and many other auto immune disorders. Basically it is the disproportionate amount of 'bad' bacteria in your gut -that can cause all sorts of problems. Been on antibiotics? Say goodbye to your 'good bacteria' (wonder why you get a yeast infection when antibiotics. Here is an excellent article - that really makes sense! #fibromyalgia #lupus #MECFS #spoonies


I was having a look at the ProHealth Shop...and they have an excellent range of products to help you get back on track (if you are interested! I am mentioning this not as a sales pitch, just that I know that not all supplements are 'equal' and that ProHealth has an exceptional reputation for providing quality supplements).

Please share your experiences in regards to this and leaky gut...Lots to be learned about this element of our conditions.