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Extra Prayer for Leah Freida, please.

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The last we heard, Leah had become more ill. She wasn't sure of the cause, but had been losing her ability to speak, on top of all her other health problems. She has been mostly bedridden, and very weak.

Please pray powerfully for her - for anything and everything that is happening in her life. For her husband also, such a kind caregiver. I am thanking God for his great love for her, for them. And for his closeness in all they are going through, and in their deepest beings.

I am missing her so much! We were just beginning to get to know each other here on this board. And I treasure the dialog we had started. I know all her friends on Chat - on the Lounge and on The Porch are missing their dear friend too.

Leah is so kind and compassionate, with huge empathy, and one who looks for and finds much beauty in life. Even from her couch by her window. I remember so many beautiful weather scenes, snow lingering on one side of the trees only, and descriptions of mallard ducks landing. Like small, beautifully expressed haiku poems.

Let's watch out for her now when she's disconnected from us.

I'm in great hope that she'll return!



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Leah. I hope you see this post for you. You are greatly missed. I join in with the prayer for you. I pray that God watches over you and gives you strength and healing.


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Sending good thoughts and blessings....a lot of us here go up and down on the
Health fronts...so please keep the faith.

I cried reading Winds recall of your beautiful writing, descriptions of life
as you see it outside your window.

I am going thru some issues as well and bothered by some gastritis issues,
so, maybe more emotional than usual, too.

I look forward to your rejoining us.

God bless


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I have been thinking quite a bit about you dear Leah and hope you can be with us soon on the new boards. We all miss you VERY MUCH. I WAS SNOOPING AND CAME UPON THIS THREAD. Thanks you so much JUDY for starting this.



you are in my prayers leah, may god bless you as you travel on this difficult journey. hoping "this too shall pass".

love, joanierav
This was wrote a long while ago but has anyone heard from her.. I remember her.. She commented on some of my posts.. Such a sweet, kind and caring woman.. I hope she is doing better!.. Prayers sent up for her!..


I never saw this but will put a prayer for them both in our prayer box. I am so sorry to hear of this.

Love, Mikie


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Ms. Brandywine and Mikie, This post was from about a year and a half ago. After this, Leah freida had come back for quite a while. I don't know how she is now, but the older I get the more I see how prayer helps people in countless ways.

So glad to see these prayers. She is in my thoughts and prayers too.

Love, Judy