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Famous Movie Lines

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Hi Kids

Soul, yes the quote about the moon and the stars was delivered by one of the biggest
movie stars ever. I always thought she was overrated, but then I think that about a
lot of stars.

GB, I think the money quote could be from the Godfather. But then it could be from
lottza other movies as well. When you said Tom Cruise, I thought of "Ferris Bueller's
Day Off. Looked it up. Turns out the part of Tom Cruise was actually played by Matthew
Broderick. Oh, well.

You know, of course, that Tom has a daughter named Suri. I believes her name is a
quote itself. It's from "Oklahoma!" and the song "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top".

Hope your arm/hand pains go away. Is it a chronic problem?

Windblade, "Wax On" is not from Tootsie. Could be though. Dustin might have had to
wax his beard or something. It's from the Karate Kid. Pat Morita says it when he's
teaching the kid karate. It's sorta like The Force in Star Wars. To be a good fighter, you
need to have your head in the right place. So he has the kid paint a fence and wax a car.

Diane, speaking of the Shinning, the word Redrum appears a lot in the book. It's
murder spelled backwards. I was once playing bridge on line with a guy who had
"Redrum" as a user name. I asked if he was a Stephen King fan. He said nobody had
ever asked him that before. I woulda thought everdobby did.

Freida, got a quote from a favorite movie? Or even an unfavorite move? I can think
of lottza movies that were big hits that I didn't like. And nowadays, I don't even
see any movies.

Here's a quote from "Our Town". The last lines. "Eleven o'clock in Grover's Corners.
You get a good rest too. Good night."



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Rock is it Gone with the wind?

If I think Tom Cruise that bartender movie comes to mind.

Or Superman?


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The quotes "Show me the money" and "You had me at hello" are both from the movie Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise.

I looked up the name Suri and one website said it means Princess. Probably others would have other meanings.
It's kinda pretty.

I loved the movie Now Voyager. Bette Davis was one of my favotite actresses from that era. Later ones were Susan Hayward and Deborah Kerr. Favorite actors were Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Loved most all of their movies

My arm and hand pain are part of the fibromyalgia. I never know when or where it's going to strike. I turned around too quickly the other day and pulled muscles in my back (spine area). Then the pain migrated down my arms and hands. It's better today. GB


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Leah, hi,

It is from a comedy - and makes me laugh too, just the way it sounds.

I'll give more hints if no-one can guess.


How about posting some famous (or not so famous) lines from movies. They don't have to be an exact quote, just whatever we can come up with!

We could also try to guess the actor/actress who said the line.

Here's one to start: "You played it for her Sam, now play it for me." Or ("Play it again Sam")
"Do or do not. There IS no 'try'". And this one "You'd be surprised at what you can live through" (hint: Disney).


Just a clip: "I'll get you my pretty....."

What a wicked witch!

I think Glinda was the REAL "wicked witch". Dorothy had to walk for miles with a scarecrow, lion, and tin guy, through a field of poisoned poppies, gets chased by flying monkeys, locked in a tower, and then Glinda says " In, you've ALWAYS had the power to return home!" Say, WHAT????


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"Do or do not. There IS no 'try'". Is that lord of the rings, I know the little wise guy that says it but can't think of his name right now and am not sure if the movie is right too. He ends sentences in isss... Most movies I haven't actually seen just saw like snippets on line and such. The name will come back to me later... Not Frodo but another fantasy figure of small statue.


The first one is indeed powerful. The force is with him. His English is a little rusty, ("Your father, he is), but he has charm, for a little green guy who looks like a badly designed Siamese cat.


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I think it's in Star Wars but I didn't see any of those movies. I am a Star Trek fan though. :) "Live long and prosper, ya'll" (That's what southern Vulcan's might say)
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Hi Kids

Took an hour to get on this thing today. I think computers are like horses. They can
sense if you're a computer person or not. If you are not, you're liable to get bitten
or stepped on.

Who said "no try" was from Star Wars? GB and Ice Raven? I think you're right. Yoda
talks like a German. He puts the verb at the end of his sentence.

Is the angel-wings quote from "It's a Wonderful Life"? The Angel was named
Henry or Clarence; some ordinary human name.

Soul, was that really Josh Groban is that video? I like his recording of "You Raise
Me Up" but wouldn't want him to sing with that child's voice. BTW, do you think
"raise me up" is redundant. Doesn't "raise" mean "up"?

Freida, I loved The Borrowers. Read it when it was new. And the sequel too. The
family had to move outta the house for some reason. I have a vague memory of
the TV movie with the wonderful Tammy Grimes aka the Unsinkable Molly Brown
on Broadway.

The scrap man is coming today to pick up some metal and other recyclable stuff
that Gordon found in the garage. There were five old fans. Good grief! The
city of Los Angeles does not recycle, however, to show it has the right spirit, it
pretends it does. We have 3 trash bucket that are colored coded. But the sad reality
is that everything goes to the same landfill and nothing is recycled.

I have nothing on my schedule. I just "while away the hours, conferring with the
flowers, consulting with the rain". What famous movie song is that from?



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Lol Rock, yes that really is Josh Groban but not his voice :p
It's a popular channel on youtube where the family lets kids recall situations and the grown ups turn it into a movie but leave the kids voices in. I find it quite amusing to watch most of the time.

Every now and then they have famous guest actors in it since they also love their work.

Ahhhh Yoda, yep that's the one, couldn't recollect his name.... Do Germans put the verb at the end of a sentence??? I know in Hindi they do but in German I don't think so... :p

Das buch ist auf dem tisch (The book is on the table)
Kitab mez par hai (Book table on is)
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I loved when we played with words like that in school, I don't quite remember why we played with them like this though :p I think it had to do with learning about what the subject in a line is... not sure...
Liesje leerde Lotje lopen langs de lange Lindelaan. (Liesje taught Lotje to walk on the long Lindelane)
Leerde Liesje Lotje lopen langs de lange Lindelaan. (Taught Liesje Lotje to walk on the long Lindelane?)(It doesn't work in English to say it with the same words but different meaning)
Langs de lange Lindelaan, leerde Liesje Lotje lopen. (On the long Lindelane Liesje taught Lotje to walk)

And I hear you on the long descriptions before knowing what it is about and such. I've listened to Hindi translated to English a lot and often it took a whole long sentence before the translator could even start translating the line :D

That's also a funny detail about reading Hindi, they have a different script and alphabet which are actually sounds so is really easy to read once you know the letters since you don't have to think up how the word is suppose to sound. Every time I got stuck on not being able to read a word it usually turned out to simply be an english word written in the Hindi script instead of a Hindi word.
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