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Famous Movie Lines

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Ice Raven , hi and welcome. Did you make a guess on my movie line?

It's " Well, lah di da........ lahhhhh di da"

From a comedy. Takes place in New York City.

Should I give more clues?


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Leah - hahaha - you made me burst out laughing.

Okay - another clue:D is..........

The character who said these lines has initials A.H.

What the heck - that's also the name of the movie. LOL


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I've gotten lost on here, the only A.H. I can think of is Andy Hardy but that was a long, long time ago.

It's a wonderful life is right, Rock. The angel's name was Clarence.


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The 'La di da' quote was from Annie Hall, the movie. Annie Hall was played by Diane Keaton, and the movie was directed by Woody Allen. He also acted in it.

I think his early comedies, like this one are hilarious.