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Feeling better, is it real?

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Hi everyone,

The last couple days I seem to be feeling much better, but its hard for me to believe its not my body just playing around with me. I start getting fatigued around 4 pm, but have not had to rest or take a nap.

I know it has also helped me tremendously being out of work for my knee. I go back to the surgeon the 17th, and I am sure he will give me the ok togo back to work. Not sure I am going to be able to handle it, but have no choice.

I got one of the supplements to start for the Buhner Protocol (plus I already take cat's claw). Will be very slowly starting that today or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing the best that you can.



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I wish I could do something like that, but I just don't think I have it in me.

Over the years I have seen people who do this over and over. Always wondered how they could do it.
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Once the Lyme infection starts to die off and I got past the herx hurdle I felt better than I had in YEARS. I pray this is what's happening to you! Enjoy!!!!

Going back to work is always a challenge after surgery. Had 13 of those so I know it's no picnic.

I started doing all sorts of things and there was no relapse while on Abx. Unlike the CFS over exertion pay for it later thing.

Once I stopped Abx symptoms came back. Lyme is a tough sucker to get rid of!

While no time frame can be put on it my doctor says 3 months to 3 years is a good rule. 3 months if it's a new tick bite and infection. 3 years if it's old AND JUST LYME.

When co-infections are thrown in to the mix then it can take 2 or more years for EACH one on top of the 3 years. of course there are many other variables to this.

Like how old where you when you got the initial infection. How quick do you heal? Can you take the meds? Do you detox neurotoxins? etc. etc. Which coinfections? ie Ehrlichia is fairly simple to get rid of. Babesia and Bartonella are not.

They just found a new organism called "Bartonella-like" and it's so new they don't have a name for it yet. Plus new strains are being found all of the time.

Guess I'm in this for the long haul. ** BIG SIGH **


So, those are the timeframes Dr. C gives? I recognize the 3 mos. to 3 years, but I didn't know of the other time frames. He didn't explain that to me. Thanks for posting.

I wonder if it will be less for me because I did have two remissions. I just can't get there yet, and I'm going crazy. Doxy did clear the brain fog thing. I've restarted the azithromycin tonight because I think the doxy has stopped working after 5 weeks.

Heaven help us!



Dr C gave me a time frame of 3 months to 3 years. From what I know about coinfections like Babesia from Lymenet I'm guessing another few years for each coinfection.

The little buggers seem to coexist with each other happily in the same cells. I did one 30 day cycle of Malarone + Zith which didn't knock out the Babs for me. So I'm now on a 90 day cycle. ** Groan **

I still think there is one other coinfection there. Something there like the new BLO or Bartonella-like-organism. Simply because of my sarcoid diagnois I believe there is something else there and I haven't found the right combo of Abx for it yet.

I did get much better but I'm still on Abx, yeast, pain and sleep meds and the ever loving heparin. I have to wear my fat pants because my belly is so swollen, yellow and bruised from 3.1 months of 4 shots a day.


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I see you a lot on the fibro board. Did you test positive for Elysa and Western Blot with several blood draws? Or did you go to Igenex?

Did you actually get a rash and a fever and a bulls-eye?

Thank you



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Baanders - my son was tested and had all 5 bands positive that CDC requires for tracking/surveillance. Not once, but 2X, 6 months apart. Yes, it was by IGenex - I bring this up because I get the feeling you are dismissive of iGenex? Not sure why you would be?, they are fully certified and even MediCare pays for their tests.

Did my son ever have a fever with flu symptoms? Sure, many times, over the years.... which one was the Lyme-induced one? That's the $65K question. We just never saw a rash.

Even the CDC says some won't get it or see it. And if it is on the scalp or area of body not easily observable by individual, it can be pretty hard to see even if you do get one.

And, again even the CDC on their official page says not to rely on the 5 bands they rely on for tracking/surveillance purposes - that it comes down to a clinical dx based on a doctor's judgement.

all the best,



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I happen to know that Munch had an igenex test done by FFC. FFC told her she didn't have lyme, but she figured out she actually did have it after reading a post I had about FFC telling me I didn't have lyme, when I actually did! We went to the same center.

Well, we both have lyme!! We both used ignenex lab for our diagnosis. Both of us are in treatment and getting better along with my twin sis and others.

I tested negative on the quest western blot. Munch showed activity on some bands with quest I believe.

She is in Arizona right now. She will probly post when she gets back.

take care.
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The weather there was upper 50's and low 60's with SUNSHINE everyday. None of this IL gloomy skies stuff.

Did I miss another brouhaha? Every time I go on vakay it happens. Unless of course it happens every day and I'm not aware of it. LOL!

Believe me I'm no expert on the topic of Lyme. My LLMD is a Lyme Top Gun who passes out a 3" stack of paper bound by a binder clip. I just happened to read it all several times.

I also read the Lyme Bible or the book "Healing Lyme" by Stephan Buhner. The Ancient Engine article by Harvey and Salvato (on ILADS website.)

Everything you ever wanted to know (and then some) about my recovery is in my profile. I've included my current medication doses too. My test results are there too. The only thing I'm missing is PAST abx treatment.

This vacation was great for me. That brain inflammation feeling that I had is leaving finally. I wasn't fatigued in anyway. I slept like a baby at night instead of having insomnia sleeping in different beds.

My HGH cooler and growth hormone pen almost caused a shut down of the Phoenix airport security lines. OOOPS! It seems the baggage screeners didn't know what it was.

They snatched me up for a femal screening person because of my fake titanium knee which left my husband to deal with my pharmaceutical-pharmacopia-bag which I refused to baggage check.

The baggage guy opened up the cooler saw the two ice packs and the carrying case saying Nordisc on it. Asked what is it? At this point the other screeners are asking if they should call an alert.

I screamed across from the booth as they were waving the wand and patting me down "It's $1,100 worth of growth hormone. I'm not checking it in the belly of the airplane to get lost. The prescription paperwork is right there in the bag."


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Funny airport story!!

Welcome back, we missed you. I'm happy you had a nice time and that the weather was good.

Not sure if there was a bru ha ha. If there was, I missed it too!!