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food journals and diet pills

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I'm extremely new to this different approach of weight lost, as opposed to being anorexic. I've read on several different sites that keeping a food journal is supposed to help in losing weight. But I'm skeptical. How is writing down what I eat going to make me any less overweight? I'm not trying to knock the method, I just need a better understanding thats all. I'm definitely willing to give it a shot, I just need more information about it.

and once last thing. I know it's cheating, but does anyone have any recommendations for diet pills that actually work? i know there are about a zillion and one pills on the market, but that doesnt necessarily mean they work. Has anyone tried an effective pill that has actually helped shed that stubborn belly fat and some serious thunder things? (i have my beloved grandma to thank for those bad boys). I'd appreciate a response, but I can completely understand if you think im an insecure narcissistic person. I'm hoping to overcome that with some support, which is why I joined this group.


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Hi Im 18 years old and im 5'8 at 130 pounds. Im working on recovering from my eating disorder (I eat and purge) and had found that I was relying on that for my weight loss or obbsessive exercise ( Running all the time, I still do that actually) But I have found that a food journal does in fact help. Last summer I lost 12 pounds by eating 1200 calories a day and exercising almost every day and using a food journal. That way you are certain not to forget that one extra cookie you ate! I would try th 1200 calorie food journal approach along with exercise ad no diet pills. If you feel the intense need to use them then do so. I have never tried them So i cant really say. You also dont sound narcissistic, you just sound frustrated. I am also frustrated with myself. No matter how much weight I lose I still feel this overwhelming sense of worthlessnes. Just try to eat healthy and better yourself. Dont rely on the scale to determine the out come of your day or week or year
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