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found hope/will order ...TF/new source

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I wish so much that ProHealth could had called us TF users and while you can...etc. Oh, the search goes on. Do web and google searches for Chisholm labs...they have what you need and actually they are the "beginning of transfer factors..." Yes, all keep on the low side here and let ProHealth figure this all out. TF is wonderful and life for me as well. There are still a couple TF's that we can order from here. Lets all hang tight and message on where and how to get the TF we need. I too am myco well as others. I will have to do the myco tf/ have it /too afraid to get after it/side effects/herxing...better toughen up and it will pass...feeling better soon w/it. I love the TF 540 and TF 560...the 560 giving me relief and gets rid of the exhaustion feeling. mmm. I don't know about you all...but am truly praying for them to figure this all out FAST. Thanx...


Thanks for info. I am going to try to stock up as money allows since it does keep frozen for several years.

I am praying too.