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Friends on 4 Life TF

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Hey, wondering if any of you have been on 4-Life with a good try!? Has it made a difference in your health and well being??? Some swear by it. If you are doing well on that brand how much do you take and are you still on it?
Best to all.


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Hey Blazer!
Can't stand to see a post all by it's lonesome so I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth. My current protocol is 4 TF Advance, 3 Daytime Fibro AMJ, 1 Nighttime Fibro AMJ, 2 Choice 50 and I am also currently finishing up a Super Detox.

I have been on TF Advance since late September and because I noticed an improvement in my energy and the fact that I had the nasty 3-4 week respiratory virus for only 1 week I thought "hmmm maybe I will give the Fibro AMJ system a try. I figured what the heck nothing has worked that well so far (traditional methods ie, antidepressents, steroid shots, biofeedback, and pain killers) Within 3 weeks I was doing stairs without pain and stiffness, sleeping through the night, migraines were gone, stand on my feet for more than 5 minutes without having to shift (actually I could stand for an hour without severe burning sensations) and I was able to walk up to a mile!! After suffering for 20 years and with the last two being the worst because I had breast cancer in 2004 and doing the chemo rounds pretty much wiped out my immune system, this is nothing short of a miracle! 12 years ago I had to give up volleyball because I couldn't move for several days after, I finally feel that I WILL be able to play again (probably suck at it now)My 13 year old daughter finally has the mother she deserves to have! My current plan is to stay on the fibro AMJ system until I lose all the weight I gained (from all the different kinds of antidepressants I was on and yeah yeah yeah the lack of exercise I couldn't do because of the pain)I hope that will be about a year. ( I have a lot to lose!)

Well hope this gives you a smile and hope and if you want to talk to me more about it, let me know
Dawn from Wisconsin
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