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Funny Cute Kids & Animals Videos & Others

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Hi Patti

I think I saw that wedding dance/procession some years back. Forgot all about it.
Looks like everydobby was having fun.

The Wheels on the Bus is an old song, well, at least as old as I, but I never heard
it till I was an adult. Used to have a great record of kids 3-4 years old singing
this and other songs that my son and I listened to.

Morningtown Ride was filmed with the Seekers near Melbourne in 1966 on
a train called Old Billy. Somebody posted on Youtube that the little boy in
Judith's lap was his father.

Hey Jimmy, Joe, John etc. appears to be a folk song, but is actually from a
Broadway musical way back in the 30s according to Wikipedia. Written by
the team of Livingston and Evans which also wrote, Silver Bells, Tammy,
Que Sera, Sera, Buttons and Bows, etc.

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Those videos with the little twins dancing in their high chairs are precious. The way they look at each other, they'll be bff's for life.

And the baby that sings with Elvis is adorable! Babies are so cute! :)


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Hi Patti

You sure find good videos. I love the one of the folks doing the polka. Reminds me of
the barn dances back home. Oh wait, maybe that was square dancing.

Here's a nifty number from 1949. The movie was Look For the Silver Lining with
June Haver and Ray Bolger. I wonder if I posted this before. I've been here so long and
my memory is so short it's hard to know. Well, if I did, we can refer to this as an encore



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"Polka", haha. I've loved watching dancers on variety shows and movies ever since I was little. I'm a total klutz, myself.

I don't remember if you posted that movie clip before or not. My memory is shot. That's why we can post the same games over and over - it's all fresh and new to us, haha. Great clip.

And what a kawinkydink. Yesterday hub had on his DVD 50-movie pack of Musicals. The movie 'Sunny' was on, from 1941 - with Ray Bolger, Anna Neagle, and Edward Everett Horton. I caught this part - here's the clip:

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That Ray Bolger was amazing, wasn't he. As you may know, when asked in an interview
if he got residuals from The Wizard of Oz, he said, "No. But we got immortality."

I read Anna Neagle's biography a few years ago. Found out her husband Herbert Wilcox
was a Producer-Director so read his autobiography.

That little Johanna is cute as a button. Maybe she'll be in the movies someday.

You're right about memories. The complete "Sunny" is on Youtube, but the sound track
is outta sync and the picture is pretty murky. I just watched the opening scene. It
looks familiar, but I don't know if I watched the entire movie or not. Probably not.
It's pretty hard on the eyes.

I looked for a biography of Ray Bolger at the library. None listed. I found an article
on the net about a college gal named Holly Van Leuven who wrote a bio of him
a couple years ago. I'll have to see if Gordon can find it at some other library than
LA. Glendale or Pasadena maybe. Or maybe it hasn't been published.



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I used to be able to post two videos in a single post. Not any more. Anyhoo here's
a video. The poster on Youtube said it illustrates why red pandas may not be
the best roommates. Actually the post said red pandas are horrible roommates, but
I think that's an overstatement.