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Another educational video, Patti. It illustrates certain laws of physics involving
gravity and bodies in motion. Sir Isaac Newton would have approved.

Reminds me of a Worker's Compensation case I was assigned many decades ago.
Guy hurt his back. So we (meaning the insurance company) were paying loss
of wages and medical treatment. But the guy saw an add on TV for a device similar
to the one above. He decided to try it out when he was home alone.

Alas he found himself hanging upside down and unable to get free of the machine.
So he wiggled and struggled and gradually worked his was over to a glass cabinet
that held bric a brac. He crashed into it, aggravated his back and got cuts on his leg
So we paid for that accident too.

Who says insurance companies have no heart?



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LOLOLOL. We do occasionally need saved from ourselves, some more than others.

I saw this video below years ago when reviewing this exact exerciser before I bought one, and was leery of that happening to me, and was afraid 6'5" hubby would definitely hurt himself on it by plunging headlong over it, and told him it was for me only. Well, he did it anyway and did fine, and I did fine, too.

When my sis-in-law and nephew tried it here, they could barely stand on it without losing their balance and almost falling off. Didn't know me and hub were so coordinated, as I'm on the klutzy side and he's got sciatica trouble all down his leg.

On the other hand, when I recently took over taking out the daily trash, I moved the trashcan up to the high back porch and lean over the railing to lift the lid. One time I very nearly fell head-first off the porch.

Today I tripped on a cord by my bed and flew forward through the air like superman onto the bed. I've had some hilarious falls, and so has hubby. I call them fancy falls.

This below is what must have happened to your hapless client:

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Oh, that poor guy. But the second one is hilarious. At least nobody got cut. That's great
that you and Hubby could master it. Thanks for the laughs.

Some decades back I bought an exercise machine. It was sorta like skiing. But then
we moved and their was no room for the machine so we eventually donated it to a
thrift shop.




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Hey there, Patti

A nice cheerful video. Don't think much of Youtube's title. There were several
people making music. Reminds me of the large reception room in the men's dorm
at college. It had a baby grand piano. Sometimes somebody would play for half an
hour. Sometimes just a few minutes.

One of the best players was also a football star. I remember one evening a guy was
playing some sheet music that was kept in the piano seat. A beautiful girl came up
and started singing along with him. The song was "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."
I had seen the music. It went up to the second A above middle C. The young lady had
a beautiful voice. Sailed right up to the high note. The pianist looked up at her with
approving surprise.

The things I remember from those years are getting fewer and fewer. Cannot even
remember the name of a single Professor.

Hope you are staying warm. I wrote to my brother in Minnesota. He wrote back and
said they will be fine. Have a portable generator in case the power goes off.



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Hi Rock and All. Yep, that title is misleading...she only rocks the high notes, ha. I found out that they go around to different malls and tape it to put on YouTube. It's staged, but still good.

I normally type real fast with both hands, using all fingers and both thumbs at lightning speed, but am laboriously hunting and pecking this time because my precious old kitty cat is on my lap where I put my keyboard and I don't want to make her move, so I'm holding the keyboard above her with one hand, up on my stomach instead, and typing with the other hand. We're keeping each other warm and both loving the cuddle time.

I'm going to get the cold wallop starting this evening. It's 17 degrees out this afternoon and will drop down a lot, with minus 40 degree windchill for a few days. Praying the power stays on as I'm too weak to try to leave house to get to someplace warm.

My memory for old memories is getting bad. I can't get my stories straight timelines are all off. Yesterday I was telling my son about an incident that happened when I was 18, but got it mixed up with an incident that happened when I was 23. I was combining the two into one story, then realized the details were at two different ages...and I can't for the life of me get the two incidents' details in order in my mind. Scary. P.S. Here it is hours later, and I finally figured out the details of which was which, whew.

Well, hunt and peck typing can get pretty fast I'm noticing...ya make up your own system, especially if you can use both hands.

Love and hugs and prayers for All,

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Patti, Thanks for the videos. And extra thanks because somehow,when I clicked on the
Doberman with the chickens and the bowl, I was magically transported to Youtube where
I was able to listen to several songs sung by Andy Williams. Just finished reading his auto
biography. All the time I kept thinking I should really be listening to some of his recordings.
Used to have several. . Had thousands of records. Don't have any now.

Youtube kept telling me my browser is out of date, and hasn't let me listen to anything
for the past year or so. But sometimes when I search for a singer or dancer Youtube
videos pop up and sometimes I can watch them; sometimes not.

How come you are so cold? I don't remember you saying you lived in a cold place.
I used to. Would never go back.

Hugs, Rock


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Oh, wow, cool that you accidentally found out a trick to get onto YouTube. Try it every time.

Try this shortcut: Just click onto any video here, then click on where it says YouTube at the bottom right as video starts playing, and it will take you to YouTube without having to wait til end of video to select another suggested video, yayyyyy.

I live in Northeast Ohio and it only gets hot three months out of the year - starting in the middle of June til the middle of September. This week it had ranged from a daytime high about 58 degrees to almost 80 on a few days here and there.

Takes forever for full-on summer hot swimming weather to get here, which is fine with me since I can't stand the hot or cold anymore. The only thing I like about summer now is that I can take off to the store wearing flip-flop sandals and let my hair air-dry, saving me the trouble of struggling to put on sock and boots and blow-drying my shampooed hair.

The motorcyclists and people walking to nearby stores and the people enjoying their gardening are sweet to see for these few short months of summer.

I always liked Andy Williams voice the best of the crooners. That reminds me of a song I recently looked up on YouTube by Sinatra. It's a song my mom used to sing to our first family cat we found as a tiny stray. I'll post it on the thread Beautiful Love Songs.

I love biographies and think I'll read some online on my PC from my library. I couldn't think of very many books to read since I just discovered I could borrow online, now you gave me a good idea. Plus I just remembered I have that list you posted of homey novels like I like. I had already read the first two Midford books by Jan Karon, when I could still hold up a real book, and loved them.

I just read online library book 'A Little Salty To Cut the Sweet' by Sophie Hudson. Love it. She's down-home hilarious.

My hub has over a thousand vinyl records and hundreds of CD music, plus about a thousand DVD movies. We have a ton of VHS movie tapes too that we still watch. When the VHS player breaks we'll be pretty much out of luck since they don't sell VHS players anymore. Hub goes through turntables and DVD and VHS and CD stereos like hotcakes because he uses them so much.

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Hi Patti

I looked up Sophie Hudson. She has 6 books at our library, but they are all some sort of electronic book. Maybe when I get a Kindle. Your husband sounds like my kinda guy. A maniacal collector.

I used to know another one. He had so many records he had to keep them in a warehouse.
So he started a rare record business. He sold them. The cheapest ones were $30. And
some he only rented out. He died when he was in his late 50s. I think the Dick Clark
people still owed him for a record they rented and never returned.

I loved going to thrift shops. And we had three record stores in LA that sold really cheap
used records. Some as low as 29 cents. It reminded me of trading comic books when I
was a kid. Ask DH if he wants to talk to me about collecting.

Didn't know you lived in Ohio.I think, generally speaking, the best people come
from the Mid West. I've only been to Ohio 3-4 times. Always to visit my Aunt and
Uncle and their 4 sons. My Aunt was a hoot. Always threatening to write a book and
expose marriage.

The town was Orrville , a village of not too many people, and home to Smuckers. We
toured the plant every time I came to visit. Got free samples too. They really weren't
too special. Just the same little packs of jam or jelly you get at a pancake house.

Hugs, Rock