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It was a bicycle. Both of my younger brothers ride motorcycles. The first time each of them took me for a ride, they shot off like a rocket trying to scare me. I barely kept myself from flying off the back the first time, digging my fingers into his ribs for dear life because I slid back too far when I lost my grip around his waist.

And did I learn my lesson? Nope. Years later I let one brother give me a ride on his four-wheeler at a family get-together picnic at his house. He shot off, giving me the ride of doom, me shrieking in terror for him to stop and he wouldn't. He zipped in and out of the crowd then down the street then back into the yard zig-zagging through everyone. He could've killed us all. When he finally stopped, I was a frazzled wreck and he was grinning ear to ear saying to everyone "That made my day!"

I hope Gordon gets his new car soon soon soon.

Yesterday I made the mistake of buying some flavorless tomatoes and lettuce because I wasn't at the store that has the locally grown. I'm gonna throw them away, that's how yucky they taste.

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Good Grief, Patti. You probably would have gotten less damage if you were taming lions. Was this bike a pedal
bike or a motorcycle? Perhaps Son had better be its escort in the future.

I had a secretary who was married to a motorcycle nut. He had multiple accidents, but never quit. About 4-5 years
ago he had a serious accident. Had to have a foot amputated. The last I heard he had gone back to riding and had
another accident! He is always cheerful about his crashes. Doesn't seem to take them seriously. Don't know his
exact age. About 60+ I guess.

You were smart to wear a short sundress. You wouldn't want it to get caught in the machine. This morning I came
downstairs in what the well dressed man wears around the house. T shirt and boxer shorts. Gordon was talking to
his sister and Brother in law. I said, "0h, didn't know you were. Good ta see ya. Let me put on a longer dress."

When they left I gave them a bag of tomatoes. Our garden has produced about 6 dozen so far. Cherry tomatoes;
larger than most cherry varieties. I'm the only one who eats them here. Lucky me. Hope your new electronics work
fine. We have been trying to get our old computer to a friend who is 40 miles N of us. He was the office computer
guy at Gordon's old job. But Gordon's car is 30 years old so we don't dare drive it so far. Gordon is scheduled to
pick up his new car Monday.

GB, I'd like to play a game too, but my brain barely works anymore. Did you know Alzheimer's is a fatal disease? I was surprised to read that. If something else doesn't kill, eventually Alz will. I can't do anything very tricky anymore.
I have been watching the old quiz show Match Game lately. Be fun to play that. That shows seem to be from the
70s. I can't think of a new game. Maybe you could just pick an old one to recycle.

Hugs, Rock

Rock, I'll look at some of our old games with song titles.