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George /furneral

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The viewing was Friday..he looked very good...they did a good job..the funeral was Saturday ...the weather was good there was 4 ulogy...lots of tears with a great millitary grave site...they presented me with a flag and found 3 bullit they gave me..all was is still here and we will pack Mike clothes and he is leaving life will be different but I will miss George very much..he was the best thing I have ever had in my later days...Bless every one and thanks for all your supports...JOY


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I hope that you continue to post and keep us informed of how you are doing. This is a great Loss for you but you have done all you could. I will keep you in my prayers. May God Bless you always...



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I am glad the day of the funeral had good weather and that family could be there with you.

I will keep you close in thought, Joy. Please post anytime you feel you want/need to as we're here.