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George is home

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George got released yesterday at make a long story short..we got him home with Hospice..he was very happy to be going home but when he got here he started getting real anxiety thank God on put him down good..

He does have a cathader and when he had his prostate cancer his prostate shrunk..they had a real hard time to get the tub in..he still has a lot of pressure and pain when we has to pee..he gets so confused..he was pretty good last night..still pressure..I feel the cancer returned..

Hospice is real good they gave me lots of stuff for him diapers, cream lotion...ect..will be here some time today..I can't force him to eat...he is not eating today..just water from time to time..have to take one day at a time..

I just hate to see him this way just makes me cry. I am glad he is home..this is where he would want to be in his last days..

How do you tell him that he is dying? Or should I not worry about it? I will talk to Hospice about this..
I do have family from time to I can get out for awhile...




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Oh (((Joy))) I'm so sorry.

I'm so glad George is home and you have hospice support, but oh the circumstances. I'm so sorry.

You know, I never asked Mom if she thought the nurses were right, that she was dying. If I could get a do-over, I'd ask her this, "Mom, the nurses think you are dying, that your body is stopping. Do you think so?" I wish I'd asked.

Joy, take pictures of you and George. I got pics of Mom and her aids. I bought her a new purse in the last weeks, and she wanted her "new found family" in it. So I took pics of her and the aids. Never got any of her and me. I know how awful she looked...but I still wish I had pics with her. If you decide not to look at them, then don't. But if you want them, as I do, and don't have them...well, it stinks.

Sending lots of love.


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So very glad that you brought George home. Hospice is wonderful at this time, they know just what to do. Like Daughterjustice says, take pictures, write down special moments and cherish all the time you have left. He will be gone way too soon and you will want those memories...God Bless you at this time.



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So glad that he is home with you. Do lean on Hospice as they are a great help and source of strength. They have a nurse available 24/7 to answer any questions.
As the others have said, do take pictures. I din't think I wanted any, and now I regret that. We did get a little of my DH on video, and my daughter took some after he had passed.
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Nancy


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Some days he is in good mood and other time he keeps saying he has to pee..I have to get up and go to the bathroom..he has a cathader...I keep telling him but he again repeats..gets real agressive ..many times I have to give him anxiety meds...he had a good day the nurse was here and very helpful even shaved I am learning to put a diaper on...hmmmm....I cry all the time now and I am getting physical therapy for stress....Eddie is in the park where I live and I am sure will wonderful daughter will stay with me until the end..God love her..JOY