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George passed away

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He took his last breath at 5:20am I was up but working my computer..looking for a way to say good buy..believe it or not..the nurse looked at him and his heart stopped...
What a blessing no more pain. He is with God and all his people that passed over before him..this is what I prayed for soon and no more pain..
The day before he passed we had him blessed with a paster from hospice he gave a wonderful blessing and prayer..he even sang some songs with his guitar religist music..what a wonderful man...all gathered around and sang together..all I could do was cry..I believe George was at peace...
Mike said his good by the day before, and Gina his daughter was coming from Tenn..but before she got on the bus I called her on the phone...I said please talk to your dad..he is comosto and can not respond but he still can here you so I put the phone to his ear and she said her good by, by the phone..he passed before she got here..
Funeral arrangments was all arranged THANK GOD..I did have to pay for a few things but I was excepted it..
Furneral is at 2 Saturday...military style
I have lost the best man in my life time..Thank you God for letting me have this man for 26 years of my life.I am 71 years old and must move on..with help with friend and family I will be ok...JOY


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I am so so very sorry. Please know that you are in my prayers and thoughts at this very very difficult time. I am so sorry. Barbara


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Oh oh oh, (((Joy))). I'm so sorry. My deepest sympathies.

I'm so glad his daughter got to say goodbye.

When my Mom died, I was doing the very same thing...trying to figure out how to let her at this board typing and she drew her last breath...I heard the silence, then ran in to see her last sigh, but she was gone. I didn't see her leave. I'm glad the nurse was there and called you.

So very sorry.


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that George had to endure all he did. I am thankful he is a peace and I can only hope you will find it now too. Nancy


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George's suffering is over. You took such loving care of should be proud! It will be difficult to live without your partner of 26 years but my wish for you is peace and happiness in the coming months.


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You have 26 years worth of memories. Let them help you get through your loss. That along with your faith and family will help you heal. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Love and hugs,


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I'm sorry you have lost George, but glad his suffering is over. I hope you will get much needed relief and rest and that your family will take good care of you. You fought the best fight ever against the pain of this disease! What a brave and loving heart you have.


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My most sincere and heartfelt sympathy to you.

Though you've known that it would likely not be long before George passed on, the reflecting about the years of a loving marriage the two of you have so very special and will always be in your heart.

It's good that his son was able to be there and that you lovingly thought to have his daughter talk to him over the phone...even though he had lapsed into a comatose state. It IS true...that they can still hear when spoken to.

I'm glad you were able to've had much stress and I hope that you can cry some more, if/when you feel the need.
May you feel peace and receive the emotional support you so very much should have...through family and always remember that we're here too.

Soft and loving Hugs for you, Joy.


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Words can not express how sorry I am, Joy. I'm staying with my Mom for a few days and just said to her, I'm going in on the computer. I want to see how George is doing. I told her all about you two. Please, please take care of yourself....and like you said, George is at peace and with the people that passed before him. He is in the loving arms of God now and free of this horrible demon disease. I know the love you had for each other and your precious memories will see you through. I'm glad you have good family there with you. I hope you'll continue to check in here once in while for any additional support you need and just to say hello and let us know how you are doing.

Take care dear one,



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My mom passed a month ago, and I can honestly know how you feel----a peace for our loved ones and no longer struggling with this terrible disease. Let God wrap you in His arms and soothe your grief. Charlene


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Thank you so much for all your support you have givin me..all has been very helpful..I was fighting a loosing battle..then God took over..
The viewing will be today at 5pm and Furneral at 2 tomarrow help me get through this week end God...
I took his ring and put a chain around my neck with the ring..I want him close to my heart...I love him so..saying good by is the me be strong God..JOY


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Dearest Joy,
Been away from home for vacation. Just home to check things.
So sorry to hear of Georges passing. He is in a much better place we know that. He has no more pain and is with loved ones that went before. May you know that you did all you could and that you loved him always, no matter what. May you find peace in knowing he is at peace. God Bless you now.



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Dear Joy,

I am so sorry. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you. No More Pain, that is a blessing not only for him but for the loved ones who have to watch this nasty disease slowly take them. God bless you in your coming days and keep you. We care.


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I know that George is at peace now, but I also know how much you will miss him. Isn't hospice wonderful! They know the right things to do and say. Do take care of yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Nancy