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George update

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Seems like every thing stands on is a small word but means a lot...George is still in hospital with catheter..vital signs look good...we were hoping he would have his catheter out but the urologists said NO it might cause infection and he would have to go into 4 hours of pain getting it back in..I just can't let him go through that is a little discomfort but a lot of people have them and walks with them..

Dr. said his body is shutting down..but still did not say not to go to we will give George this last effort to see just what his body can one knows he is 91 years old and very weak..but he has been in bed for so long..the carbuncle looks good no bump it is flat...just sore from the fall..they plan on taking him to re-hab in a couple of days and it is very close to me for visits..closer than hospital this is when and IF..

IF by chance he is not responding to treatment for re-hab the HOSPICE will take over and he will come home. they will order a bed and what every he will need at home..(we will re-arrange the room for the bed) in living-room..
One good thing about this is I will not be alone..I am getting help so I can have some kind of life is a must..but you know as well as I they work and have a life too..I will have a social worker, might need a sitter from time to time...just have to take one day at a time..seems like one day is different then other days..HMMMMM.

Dr. said his body is shutting down.he might life 1 year or 6 months ??? no one knows..we have to except this and enjoy the time we have together NOW...when the time does get near so he will not be in any pain they will give him morphine for pain..God bless us all..JOY



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I've been following your posts about George, though I don't often have time to respond. I think you're doing all that you can for him. I'm glad the doctor seems responsive. I will pray for comfort, strength and peace for you and your dear husband.


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Very special thoughts and prayers are being sent your way for you and George. My heart breaks for you both. Barb