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going thru the ICK.

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Been on the two TFs'...100 and mycoplus. I was soooo tired the day after first starting. I only took mycoplus last night. I need to hang in there as..years past was tested positive for myco/fermentans. I was in the past on TF for the EBV and Herpres Fam.... it worked so well for me. But, not wanting to "herx" and face another TF...time got away from me. Now I am willing to go after it. Have any of you been on the mycoplus and feel that "great feeling" come over you...after of course that first rough week of the immune system changing? Thanx, Spacee for your great letters and good insight. ...We all need each other and this site is just so good to have!


You might try opening the capsule and taking 1/2 out and putting it under your tongue. You are already doing it at night. That's about all I know to try

Sorry you are having it rough. Hang it there!!!