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Good holistic doctor for CFS/fibromyalgia

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Does anyone have a good doctor in Illinois they can recommend.
I have been seeing a neurologist and receiving traditional treatment
that does not work that well. I would like to get my life back and would
really appreciate a referral. Thank you.


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Try - a website for integrative medicine doctors. There's a search feature at the top of the page under "health resources" which can help find practitioners in your area - good luck!

Im new to this site so im not sure where to post this but anyways. Im 28 year old male thats suffering with severe food and chemical sensativities. I cant have artificial sweeteners,dairy, nuts,coconuts, caffiene, sugar, and believe it or not tap water. The flouride and chlorine i react to. If i take caffiene i get a shortness of breath for hours and then severe panic attacks with bad heart palpations. Flouride gives me muscle twitches and overall anxiety. The nights i drink flouride water im sufficating in my dreams and kicking my legs to try and get out of the sleep. Its very scary. Also when i drink flouride i will awake at times and not know where i am for a few seconds. Its terrible. My body reacts to everything. I have been going through this for several years now and havnt been able to work because i never feel good. Im at the point where i am afraid of food. These reactions have traumatized me. I never have energy unless i drink a ton of sugar or caffiene but then i react and get sick. Im so frustrated. I used to suffer with chronic pain for years until i quit drinking flouridated tap water and the pain went away. It is very wierd. I have been told that i have chronic fatigue syndrome and narcolepsy. I cant take any medications whatsoever because i will get side effects and bad acid reflux. If anyone here can relate to anything i am saying please write back. I dont know if i can take being sick like this anymore and noone to even talk to. Doctors cant find anything physically wrong with me besides gilberts syndrome. My liver count is always elevated. They think its all anxiety and ocd but i can assure them its not. I also cant be around cigarretes, paint smells, new electronic smell, mold,etc. I have major chemical sensativities as well. I lost my house becauze of this. Please help. Greg