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GOOD news!!!!!!

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I just wanted to share that I FINALLY got my first social security payment! I was approved

over two months ago per Allsup and still havent recieved a letter from SS...but the money

appeared in my bank account yesterday.

I just wanted to THANK all of you that helped me with this stressful process. I can not begin

to explain how much it helped me.

For those of you that do not know my story:

I live in Florida, have Fibromyalgia, Depression, Migraines, Major Fatigue ( CFS ) 54 years old,

had to quit working after 30 years at a job I loved, started with Short Term Disability then

applied for SSDI with Allsup assisting. Was denied TWO times and just before the hearing,

the Judge made a decision so I never had to go before the Judge. Then waited another three

months before I recieved any money.

So if you are denied, DO NOT GIVE UP !

Now I have to figure out the Medicare benefits...nothing came in the mail

about that yet????

Relieved JMQ :)

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Isn't there just something unforgettable about when that money finally gets into the bank account--it's the best feeling and reinforces that YOU WON--YOU REALLY WON!!!


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Here is the government site for applying for Medicare. I automatically received into in the mail, but with it being a government system, it may be overlooked for you and you can go on the site below and go towards the bottom and call and see if paperwork should have been received by you already.