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I know that when you lose someone It's callef GRIEF,,
Well for me it changed my life forever.I lost my husband to cancer in 2001. We were married for 49 years.
At first I just went numb, (so my kids tell me) we have 8 kids together. 5 sons .and 3 daughters.

what i do remember is my husband trying to fight for his life, Then he was in so much pain he went rather guiet, would moan a little, SO BRave.
I kept a log on a paper board in the kitchen so
I could keep track of his meds. also for our kid to see and to remind me as well.

Thank God for the help I had during the day time from our kids. When night time came it was so bad. one of our daughters still lives t home with me.
We would take turns sitting by my Husbands bed side.
Many nights I would have to call one of our sons to come and help, they would always respond.
I finally out of desperation called Nathen Adelson Hospice come take him so that I could find what else I could do..I stayed with my husband there.

We arrived there on friday fEb.16, 2001. On Saturday
he seemed to respond a little. I said "THANK GOD"
as the day cane to almost dark I had a very bad feeling in my heart and soul. I knew at that moment that i had to take my husband back home, how can i do this i asked myself?
I spoke to a nice lady in charge and told her what i wanted to do. Se told me that there were no doctors to release my husband and that the ambulanes were not available on weekends.
Well being me, i never give up, I knew that i must get him home. so I called the ambulance and begged them to come. THEY CAME, thank God..
i rode holding my husband tight. we arrived at home the kind ambulance people took my husband inside to his ROOM AT HOME.. A Peace came over me. most of our kids were wating there for us.
Sunday morning febuary 18, 2001 my Husband
went to heaven at 1:09 with all of his family around his bed.. When i marriedand took my vows i said till death do us part.
To me this ment that I shall be true to my hUsband tiill I MEET HIM IN HEAVEN.

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Dear Patriciavon,

What a sad but lovely story, or your closeness to him. May God continue to bless you and your family for what they all have gone through with your dear husband. I have been married almost 52 years and understand your feelings . You were/are a very strong lady to do what you did in bringing him home before he went off to meet God.

Cancer leads to so much suffering, for not just the patient but the whole family as well.

It has been a long time since his death but I'm sure you miss him every day. Hope to see you somewhere else on the boards to if you want to browse. So many wonderful people who come here to learn and share with each other.



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Greatgran - So sorry to hear of your loss. I too have seen some of your posts in the past. May God bless you and your family and give you all strength. I cannot imagine how terrible it was for you all.

Hugz to you sweetie,
Granni :(


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Hi there, I am new here, but was very touched (ok, a few tears too). To me, it reads that your husband was your true soulmate, like my husband is with me. All I can say when I start going down a sad road, is start being thankful for all the GOOD things in my life. And it sounds like having 8 wonderful children (and I am sure many grandchildren) is a true blessing... Grief is a funny old thing. My grandfather died over 30 years ago, (I am 44) and a couple of years ago my husband found a beautiful (as in professionally photographed) picture framed and put it on my piano (which was my grandmother's). It was a lovely gesture from my husband...but it has only taken me til now, to actually LOOK. You did the right thing, you brought him home and to be with his family. And I cannot imagine the stress you went through. I am not trying to be nosey or change the subject - more out of interest...did your FM/CFS crop up after all this? I know of several people who have had this happen...that the trauma and stress triggered their FM. At the very very least, you have a computer, the internet and at least be in contact with others, but that will obviously never make up for the loss of your husband. Sending good, positive thoughts your way and a gentle hug. A.x