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hi everyone,
i would like to know if others are suffering right now with headaches. mine feels like a tight band around my head and in my sinuses.
is this part of fm/cfs and the weather. here in ontario it is very cold and going to get even more cold and they are call for snow. just wanted know if others felt the same way.
love and blessings bewitched


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Hi Be,
I get them too, sinus and Tension headaches. I also get some, I swear, that feel like someone WACKS me upside the head with a baseball bat. Those ones can knock me off balance at times too.


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i have just started suffering from headaches,mine too i thought was a sinus infection but it wont shift. It feels inflamed just like the other pains i've had. It gets you down as you cannot rest headache its there and thats it.
hope you feel better soon,the cold cannot help it either but i dont think that would be the reason. kirsty xxxxx


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Boy can I relate to this one!!! (see my post on migraines....this page)!! I've been getting them alot lately!!! I have one now,again~ hate it!!! Its very cold here in NY too. I wondered if the dry indoor heat was triggering mine???? They do feel sinus-y,....yet migraine. I don't know whats causing this but on top of Fibro-I can't take all this crap!!! I have nothing to help,I've tried evrything.....except,someone on the other post suggested rubbing ben-gay on your forehead and temples.I'm gonna try that this evening after dinner~ Sure hope it offers some relief!! Hope your eases up too.....they certainly are'nt fun. Are your frequent? Is anything helping yours?? BTW,yours sounds alot like mine.Also alot of neck tension/spasms.


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for the reply on my post~ I have the eucalyptus oil,will try to get some of the lavender. Tigers Balm: always wanted to try,....but did'nt wanna waste my money on something that I was'nt familiar with~ I'll get some next time i'm out!!! Thanks alot~ Does it really help??
Hope your doing better today~ BTW,....a couple yrs ago a doc. I had seen told me that I was having tension/muscle contraction headaches. so you were right on the $ !! Take care :)


but the extreme cold and snow isn't my problem since I live in Florida. We are getting cold fronts so I thought the change in barometric pressure may be the cause. Just like you all, it feels like a combination of tension, migraine and definately sinus. My entire face aches, especially at the nose. Everything is clear, no drainage problems. I don't know if this is a coincidence as this is day 4 and I was really desparate to find something to relieve this sinus pressure. Can't take Sudafed cause I have mitral valve prolapse and palpitations. So this morning, I used Zicam allergy gel (OTC)--within an hour the nose pain went away and later the headache. I hope this may be the answer for me because I get a lot of these weather change aches and pains.


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My head has been killing me the past 10 days. I've gone in to work late... sat and rocked from the pain... cried... I'm newly diagnosed and I'm not liking what I'm feeling at all!! I've never had such hard headaches in my life. I guess it is the cold, but for me it started when it was cold and damp together and I just can't knock it. Any good meds for this??? I'm just on flexeril for my muscles and nothing for this kind of pain. I'm used to struggling with muscle and joint pain as I have Hashimoto's disease (Thyroid condition) and I have that going on from that, too!! But this head thing makes the rest non-existent!! Help!!! :(


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I have been having headaches almost 2 weeks. Nothing is helping.
I have been trying to work on the trigger points that cause referrd pain for headaches, but it hurts too much.

if not better by week-end i might try to go to ER. sice my experience with fibro i have a phobia of drs. had too many treat me bad.

seems weird that alot of us are having the headaches now.


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I have done it all,taken it all and did all the therapy and I still feel like hell.I have leanred to live with it,but really hard being a single disabled mom.


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I too have suffered from migranes since the mid 80's. When I was single it was not very hard to find a family member to get me to the e.r. and get a knock out shot.(this is after several hours of violently throwing up) Not to say that my husband would not do the same for me now, but I have four children all under the age of 7 with the youngest just 18 months. I can not drag all those babies out in the middle of the night to get help. And you can not drive yourself home when you get one of these. I also suffer from fibro. when syptoms started showing up when I was 22, the doctor kept telling me it was just that I was getting older. At 22? They sounded crazy to me. Just something for him to say because he did not want to deal with me. I was not diagnosed untill 30. I never got any help from any doctor for all that time. I started to think that I was crazy. Why could they not tell me why I hurt so bad when I laid down to rest. But the meds that I take for the headaches are strong. And they are my last resort when all else fails. But it is far better than laying in the bathroom floor hugging that white goddess. My doctor gives me phergran supp. and stadol nose spray. This is just like the shot that they would give you in the e.r. and it will knock out a headache. I hope this help someone. You guys have probably already tried these meds.
talk about cold. I just woke up to 15* degrees. I can not wait for it to warm up.


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I've had headaches daily for what seems like eons. Have been given Fiorinol and Fioricet, and now a version without aspirin or tylenol.

Recently was in the hospital for a Cystoscopy, and once the Toradol and one other shot wore off (together with outerspace effects) I didn't have any headache and/or eye pain for a couple of days. It was quite noticeable. Generally with just plain live with things and figure it's a way of life.

I had not heard of the medications which your doctor gives you, but I'm willing to try them. The above drugs make one feel drugged (to coin a phrase) and I'd like to stop taking those.

Really appreaciate this information. I shall discuss with the doctor. Thanks again.