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Healthy Eating Habits Helping with FMS Symptoms??? Need help

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Okay, I was recently diagnosed and have not only FMS but Ulcerative Colitis, and stomach ulcers...also am overweight. I keep reading and am told that I need to eat healthy.

I can't find exactly what "healthy" means. Are there certain things I am supposed to avoid?? I know things like caffinee and fried foods are bad for the ulcers but where exactly do we find what kind of diet is ideal when dealing with Fibromyalgia?

Does anyone do anything special regarding thier diet? Has it worked with your fibro or other illnesses?

I am not sure where to start and need some ideas for improving my diet. Any ideas???



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Think real foods, foods that were meant to be foods like ground foods.

Potatoes don't come in a box. Cheese isn't powdered. What the heck are Rice Krispies and Spaghettios anyway?

Start eliminating any processed/chemically treated foods from your diet and realize that it can take a long time.

Find a vinegar and oil salad dressing that you love and chuck the American prepared ones.

Start having fruit for breakfast if you can. It gives energy and doesn't pull you back down like processed cereals do. Now when I try to eat cereal I feel worse so I just never ever do any more.

I make my own oatmeal now in about 5 minutes and make my own toppings for it and it tastes wonderful.

Read labels......if you can't pronounce it, you most likely don't need it in your diet.

It's everything they've been telling us for years but I know that for myself, I didn't listen.

I've been a junk/crap food junky all my I eat more naturally and do so much better.

I've had a post on it before, but Rachel Ray 30 minute meals are often wonderful, quick and so healthy for you.

And always check your cart at the grocery store. Mine used to have very few veggies and tons of frozen crap, now it's over 50% fresh fruits and veggies, no frozen and no crap foods.


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I just read a book on FM, and all of the things noted on this thread (don't eat sugar etc. are true) but it said, that we should eat at least a small amount of protein before we eat anything else (and dont' eat carbohydrates without the protein don't eat just pancakes, eat a piece of bacon, then the pancake) I'm kind of having some fibro fog....can't remember the other stuff it said, but that part stuck in my mind. I would say, just eat a well balanced diet and beware that fibro causes you to crave sugar and carbs, so don't let it fool you.


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As far as the ulcers go the biopsies were negative for cancer or any bacteria (the kind you mentioned). I believe they are from stress, my family has a lot going on right now.

I am kind of having trouble figuring out where to start with the healthy eating, it just seems so overwhelming. I am going to have to look up some nutrition stuff online before I hit the grocery store again.

I have already started cutting out the artifical sweetners and only ever eat a small amount of caffinee. I guess it's just a matter of learning or actually retraining all the years of bad eating.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate them all.

Barbara :)


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has some good nutritional info....type in her name in the Search blank and look up her "Road to Remission"....very helpful.


Hi, look at eating liver healthy. When you search for what's healthy, put the words "natural remedies" in front of everything you search for so you won't get doctor's stuff. They know nothing about nutrition. Don't eat wheat or dairy and don't eat anything that comes in a box. Also look up "food combining". If you eat starch and protein at the same time, the acid needed to digest the protein is cancelled out by the alkalinity needed by the starch and you miss out on many nutrients. That's how we all ate growing up but now we are weak and can't take it anymore. It's complicated and a pain but it really pays off. And take digestive enzymes to give your body a chance to catch up and heal. Make sure they're good ones and get betaine hcl to eat with proteins but don't eat too much protein. Eat absolutely no bad fats, that means anything that isn't good fat which is coconut, avocado, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, etc. And eat 5-6 small meals rather than 3 big ones. Eat lots and lots of vegetables and some fruit but eat fruit alone. Don't drink anything with sugar in it, maybe just a sip or 2 of juice. You will lose weight fast eating lots of vegetables and your body will love you for it. They taste like hell at first if you haven't been eating them but after a couple of weeks the taste will be less horrifying as your body thanks you. If I don't eat like this, I can't get out of bed and I feel like I'm dying. I don't know anything about ulcers so google "natural remedies ulcers" to make sure you find out how to eat around them. This will royally suck at first, but it will become habit and tolerable just like anything else after awhile. good luck!


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I had a bleeding duodenal (sp?) ulcer. The doc gave me a load of Carafate wich really cleared it up.

As for a diet with FM/CFS?: I am mainly on a fish diet.
It seems to work for me, although people have pointed out that there might be a mercury problem.

Truthfully, I am sick of fish, but it does seem to help me with a fresh vegetable.



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Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Crohn's Disease? There are lots of sites out there that explain what kind of diet is best for those conditions, just googel or ask or whatever search engine you use.

I dont have those issues, just FM and IBS, but I have personally found that removing sugar and processed foods from my diet helps some. I don't eat alot of food that comes from a box or can. I try to stick to the produce areas of the grocery store (ie. fruits and veggies), the meat department (organic low fat meats), brown rice, and other whole grains, organic dairy, juices... Just try to eat as many natural foods as possible. I also try to avoid foods with small seeds so as not to aggrevate diverticulitis. I rinse out jalepeno seeds,tomato seeds, I dont eat many strawberries, nor whole flax seeds(eat them ground,better for you anyway)etc.


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I agree with you completely....

I didn't eliminate any of the food groups either, I just substituted healthier things. I no longer buy frozen pizza, I now make my own with fresh ingredients for example.

I threw away the crappy instant oatmeal and now make my own in a few minutes.

I even bought classic dishes on Ebay to show my 20 yr old daughter what a serving size really is. (You should see the size of those cereal/soup bowls!!!)

If you can, try to buy real Parmesian the difference when you grate your own is just wonderful.


Nancy B