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Heated mattress pad or Electric blanket?

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Do any of you have one of these.. Do you think it helps? Which do you like better if you do.... and do you feel they are safe. I tried to do some research on this.. On the pkg. it says dont use if you have bad circulation. I do have bad vericose veins on my one leg.. but so far it hasnt bothered them.
thats the first issue.. next.. what if you have the heated mattress pad.. what about if you ahhh well have <blushing> sex and do you think it is safe to do on this type of pad?
Im trying to decide which one to get.... Help anyone.. Thank you in advance.. will be in and out to check back on this..
I hope you all are able to keep warm.. it is so so cold here.. brrrrrrrr!!


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Personally, I prefer neither! I am a warm-blooded person and I would roast if I had to sleep with either one!

I would think the blanket would be safer than the heated mattress pad, though. You also have to make sure that nobody sits on top of the bed when you have the electric blankets--I guess it could damage the cords. This was the instructions that came with my daughter's blanket, of course that was ages ago when we bought it for her!

Thank you to those who have offered some advice.. I'm still not sure on which way to go.. but.. I freeze when I go to bed at night and I am cold during the day.. its like I cant get warm for a long time.. so am up for possibly getting one.. or the other..
Thank you.. will check back again..


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My body temp ranges from 96.2 to 97.8! I freeze all the time...summers my feet are cold until 30 minutes after I get into bed (ask the hubby who gets the cold feet stuck under his legs)winters I would lay huddled under 12" of blankets and shiver for half the night before I would actually be warm.

My electric blanket was one of the best purchases I ever made 3 years ago. I am now able to let the house thermostat(programable) be set at 69 during the nights and all of our allergies are better because of it.

My youngest son is also cold natured and he loves his electric blanket as well.

It helps me to have the bed warmed when I get in and our heating bill also thanks us. The blankets are not cheap but I think would pay for themselves in a season if you are cold natured and tend to keep the house thernostat set on the same temp 24 hours a day. I have a programable thernostat and it automatically drops the household temp during the night to 69 and then the hour before we get up it brings the temps back up to 73. Once we are all dressed and our day begins (work school ect..) the thermostat resets itself to 71 and then drops back to the 69 at bedtime. There is no telling how much money we save with the programable thernostat and it only cost $50.00 (I installed it myself!)

My blanket is a dual control blanket and hubby hardly ever turns his side on at all. My older son also has an electric blanket but that was a waste of money because he is also hot natured and never turns it on. (???Maybe I should sell you his at half price???)

If my blanket ever breaks I would race to the department store the following day to replace it.
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I have tried both and I prefer electric blankets.

I could always feel the cords when I laid on the heated mattress pad. Princess and the Pea syndrome! I now have a "warming blanket" and it stinks! It doesn't warm the bed up enough for me.

I'm asking for a regular electric blanket for Christmas. I like to crank it up to high about an hour before I go to bed. Then I turn it off once I am in bed.



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I have fibro and I have an electric blanket on my bed and it helps me. Heat has always helped me reduce the pain. I even have an electric blanket on the couch where I sit. So I can turn it on and relax.
And it is also COLD here....Way to Cold...lagm31


And I love it! I turn it on a couple of hours before I go to bed and then the bed is nice and warm.

I went with this because I went from a waterbed to a foam mattress. It was soooo freezing when I go in. My mom has a heated mattress pad and loves it.

I do turn it off when I go to bed because I get to hot at night to leave it on. It's dual control so it doesn't bother my husband if he don't want his on.

Then when the bed is warm I am not so tense all balled up trying to get warm. I feel like I am more relaxed getting in a warm bed.

I think either one would be fine... Just so the bed is warm.

Stay Warm!


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I have tried both and I personally LOVE the heated mattress pad. It's dual control and has a wide range of settings.
And your big question....after quite a few tests, neither my husband nor I have been electracuted. :>)



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I grew up using electric blankets in the cold midwest. After moving to GA I did not have a need for them. After joining this board and reading about which one people use, I chose to go with the heated mattress pad. While checking out the lady behind me said she had one & loved it! I agree with her......I LOVE MINE!!
It is a personal choice and not a decision to make lightly. Mine is also dual control and I turn it on High about 15 minutes before going to bed. Once in bed I turn it down to 3.

Good luck,


It's been below zero here and we can't afford to keep the heat turned up, but the mattress pad has kept us toasty. To me there's no comparison - I hate electric blankets but the pad is a very subtle heat.



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...are spaces influenced by electricity. Anything with an electromagnetic field will interact (interfere) with us because we are electromagnetic beings. Those magnetic fields bring risks and that is why it is not advisable to live near power lines, sleep on a heating pad while it is plugged in or have a clock radio by your head or get up close to a TV or computer etc, etc. not to mention cell phone use. Just research 'electromagnetic pollution'. I don't have the answer to this but just reading about it makes me concerned.


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I guess the replies are about evenly split, but we have an electric blanket with dual controls...I have never had a heated mattress pad. We turn them on early in the evening and then off after we go to bed. The heat really eases the muscle aches! Good luck...looks like you will be OK with either choice. B


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I've tried both, but I prefer the mattress pad. I have a queen size with dual cantrols. Als I'm not sure if they are all like this, but mine is warmer at the bottom, and almost no heat at the top. Keeps the feet toasty, but not too warm on my upper body.
Lots of pros and cons on the use of either one.. The one on 'electromagnetic pollution' is very interesting'
When you mentioned about cell phone usuage.. I am very careful with mine and use the speaker phone whenever possible..

Im not sure now which one I want to use... but.. if it is only on to get the bed warm.. I guess that it wouldnt make so much difference.. I did find a heated mattress pad in a store near me.. for 54.00 for a queen size.. and I was going tomorrow to look at a electric blanket.. I do know they are more then the pad.. at least 20.00 to 30.00 more... I guess will do more checking on things and also while I am at it.. check on that electromagnetic issue too..
Thank you all for your help.. I really appreciate it..


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I loved my kingsized heated mattress pad but I gave it to my step daughter because we bought a new queen size bed. She is even more cold natured than I am. It is 20 degrees right now in North Texas.


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If you really want to do yourself a favor get a "Down Comforter". They are sooo warm and feel wonderful. My hubby gets too warm under it and sometimes gets in the other bed.
I have had one for years and wouldn't be without one.You can order them on the net or get them at Wal-Mart. Don't get a synthetic one b/c they don't breathe and makes you perspire.


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I like the pad because my husband could not roll it under his chin,thereby breaking it. Lost it in our last move 15 years ago. Didn't have fibro then, so had a wonderful down comforter to replace it. No heavey weight on top of you. My favorite but now am alergic to feathers! LOL,spmary


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I really love mine and have been using one for about 3 years now. I have purchased 2, they don't last long for me even with their warranty. When you first get one the heat seems even, but about a year or so, I get hot spots.
Of course, I use mine continually year round and all night long + naps.
It really helps my Fibro aching muscles!
My anemia keeps me cold too.

I too grew up with electric blankets. I have never had one since leaving home. I like a cool room. We have electric heat and it really messes up your sinuses.

Twenty degrees here in Granbury Tx. with a cold wind. It will feel good to be in bed tonight with my warming pad.
It's on and waiting for me.
Goodnight everyone,


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I'm just new here and lurking and learning but I do know a little about this topic as I have had both of them. My ifirst was a Sunbeam heating blanket that I used for 5 years...I put it to rest because it was getting a little threadbare. I really liked it. I would turn it on high an hour or so before I went to bed and then turned it down for sleeping. This year, I bought a Sealy electric mattress pad. I had no idea if I was going to like it or not but it was on sale and I couldn't pass up a deal. Plus I was looking for a mattress pad and this seemed to fit both bills. Anyway, after using the electric mattress pad, I can honestly say that this will always be my choice now. It is so much better than the electric blanket was...no wrapping myself up in it, no cords to feel and I only have to turn it on high for about 15 minutes before I go to bed and it is definitely warmed up sufficiently! I turn it back down for the night and it has a 10 hour automatic shut-off on it so if I forget to turn it off, no problem.
So, for what it's worth, my vote goes with the electric mattress pad and when you think about it, you're laying on the parts that hurt and those parts are laying on the electric mattress pad...isn't that what we want??
{{{gentle hugs}}}