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Hello again

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I have to tell you my experience I had yesterday afternoon. I came home yesterday morning from my daughters home because of the storm here in Fl. and I was alone sitting watching TV..I felt George (my husband) presence here for just a few minutes..I never felt this before it was like he was watching over me..we always had this bond of closeness and he was here..and then the feeling was gone..it didn't last long but I felt him here...you might think I am a little crazy but believe me...this never happen to me before..I just had to share this with you..
While your love ones are with you enjoy them no matter how they are..love them hold them, care for them until the end.I will always remember how the end was with Hospice it was very sad to watch your love one pass..I know that George did not suffer in the end...it was peacful..I miss him very much..but you know he is with me..I feel him..JOY


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Good to hear from you again. And no you are not crazy and yes they are always with us. There are times when we feel them around, especially in moments they know we need them. Never let anyone take that away from you. This is a horrible disease that takes them away from us way before the Lord takes them home. But they are still our loved ones and they deserve the best of care, lots of hugs and more love that we ever thought possible. God Bless you and take care.....



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I don't think you're crazy, either. On what would have been my Dad's 73rd birthday (he passed away in August; his birthday was in October), I was sitting around my house moping and crying 'cuz I missed him so much. All of a sudden, a picture that had hung on my dining room wall for 15 years FELL OFF. It was like my Dad was telling me to "get a grip" which is exactly what he would have said if he were still alive! Glad to "hear" from you. Take care. I wish you much comfort and peace.


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George will continue to make sure you are doing okay...when two people have been together as you were, the bond is great. There is such comfort in knowing they are close to the heart.