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im 29 years old and i am over 400 pds i also suffer with deppression but ive been doing better with that now that im working. but my promblem is not eating healthy and i can start eating healthy for a wk straight but then its out the window. i am always always tired i know it has to be my weight i dont have diabetes or anything thank god its just my weight that i know is making me tired and it is contributing to my deppression so if anyone can help me or if someone wants a partner to lose weight with pls let me know cause i need all the support i can get


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You are right,the weight is making you tired.After you lose abit of weight,you'll have more energy.Try drinking a big glass of hot water before a meal and if your hungry at night.I started by walking 30 min. 2 times a day at first,then increase it to an hour.Weigh yourself at first,then wait until you've lost a noticable amount before you do it again.Don't eat after supper unless it something with no fat.Eat what you like,just count it in your calorie intake for the day.I tried to stay with in 2000cals. a day.If you go over a bit,its O.K..Its hard at first, but well worth the effort.If you do it now, while your still young ,your skin will shrink up fine.Its all in your head ,you just have to find it and want it bad enough.There is alot that comes with a change this big,good and bad.YOU ARE WORTH IT !!!


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I just came across your message and wondered in the time that has passed how you are doing ? Are you still struggling with weight issues?