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I'm in need of someone to talk too about my ever going weight problems. I have been searching for a chat room to go to. One where we can lean on each other and support one another.I have struggled with my weight my entire life. As of now though I'm at my heaviest point. Yes I feel awlful ,but can't get back in control . It seem the harder I try the more depressed I get. I have been taking anti depressants for years now. Do all of them make you can weight? I could fill a page with all of the weight clubs ,pills etc that I have tried. I know losing is not a diet but a life change. But right now sometimes not going on ....sounds better than to continue to struggle.. Any one have any suggestions for me? Thanks ....


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Have you ever tried Weight Watchers? I'm 61 and have NEVER succeeded in losing weight, until now. We joined WW last July and I am, so far, down 65 lbs. It's absolutely not a diet, just a change to healthy eating. Ane you can still eat your favorite things too.


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I can certainly relate to how you feel.

Diet's never work - they might for awhile, but it is still a battle.

I also was overweight all my life - even as a child.

How old are you? Heidth? Weight?

I posted a note on this site to which I have had no reply - I had an Intestional Bypass Weight Loss Surgery in 1974. It worked for me, but I believe they do not do that anymore due to too many complications. I am lucky, but I was 32 at the time and am now 66 and feeling very old, tired. Loss my mussle mass, etc. etc. etc. Lots of bowell problems too.

Back you to. I wish I had a magical thing to tell you. I also tried every diet - some worked a little, but eventually the weight came back, plus a few more pounds. My heaviest weight was 220 and I am 5' 1 1/2".

I am also suffering from depression - it is an awful thing.

I don't know much about Gastric Bypass Surgiers, but would you be interested in looking into that procedure.

IF you have money, you could go to one of those Fat Farms or whatever they are called.

You know, I really think some of us really have "fat" cells and things like that. Does obesity run in your family? Does mine.

You can write to me anytime and I will love to help you if I can come up with a reasonable idea for you.



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I agree with getting your Thyroid checked. I know many people who are suffering with weight issues due to their underactive thyroid. I might be able to help you but I need to know if it is your thyroid or not. Also, what are your eating habits like? Have you kept a food journal to moniter your caloric intake? 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories so in order to lose that 1 pound, you'll need to adjust your food intake and excercise regularly. Do you excercise?
Antidepressants can add to the weight so you need to be extra careful. Are you an emotional eater? The reason I ask these questions is because I need to get to know your emotional side in order to be able to understand the reason for the weight gain.


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keep trying dont give up, untill you find some thing that work for you.
I feel the same way I just need support, easylee