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Here is what worked for me; No more CFID Part-1

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Everyone has probably heard of Holistic Medicine…but have you ever heard of a Holistic Disease? That is what CFID is, it is a disease that attacks so many parts of the body that it becomes extremely confusing to modern medicine [and to patients] which typically assumes that every disease is caused by one or at most two factors. I am a fellow CFS sufferer for about 20 years since year 1993 but finally cured at age of 49 years old. I came a long way since then and studied Natural Medicine for 17 years just to cure myself….an entirely selfish endeavor if i may add….but it worked :). It did not happen overnight, but suffice to say that I used logic, natural medicine, specific conventional antibiotics, and the extensive experience of so many generous sufferers who shared their success stories including this board.
I had much of the common CFS-ME symptoms but was not bedridden because I fought this disease from day-1 and perhaps because I followed a relatively healthy diet before being infected with CFS....yes it’s an infection and everything else you see in your body are merely symptoms of this severe infection. I recommend that all patients take a root cause approach to solving their disease and ignore the many Conventional and Natural doctors who only understand how to treat symptoms. The vast majority of CFS-ME patients have a combination of both viral and bacterial infections [sometimes fungal also], i have zero doubt and this means that your program must include a method of eradicating all chronic bacterial and viral infections.
***** Start Here First: Most of us have severe gut dysbioisis and intestinal wall coating caused by years of inadequate diet and weak digestion meaning a diet that allows overgrowth of bacteria and fungus in the intestines. This intestinal wall coating makes it difficult for nutrients-supplements to be absorbed. This intestinal coating is also is a great place for multiplying viral colonies...... I have seen this primarily in those patients who have had a lifelong diet of modern foods including pizza, bread, pastry, and other high carbohydrates, with minimal vegetables, fish, nuts, fruits or highly enzymatic foods.

What is the solution: You need to perform intestinal and Colon cleansing by varied methods to remove this intestinal wall coating that is full of bacteria & Candida fungus and also acts as a breeding ground for your viruses. The best that i can recommend from experience [available at GNC stores] is a product called Super Colon Cleanse and i advise taking the powder version not capsules. It says take two teaspoons but i recommend 5 teaspoons mixed in blender with fresh lemon or orange juice 350 ml. Drink this once daily in morning for ten days on an empty stomach and do not eat any breakfast. Next: After this program is finished, perform a one day Pineapple fresh fruit cleanse of intestines where all you eat in one day is four large fresh pineapples’ cut into small cubes. You can blend these in a blender if you cannot eat them, but only blend lightly as we want the fiber to still have juice with it so it can scrape your intestines clean. On this one day pineapple cleanse you are only allowed four meals and each meal is one pineapple. This completes the intestinal cleansing and it’s also good to take anti-parasite supplements afterwards to kill off any worms and possible remaining bacteria and Candida.
In a nutshell: I had HHV-6, Epstein Barr, CMV & Mycoplasma Bacterial infections, a horrible cocktail of infections that both drag your body down and attack your immune system. I don’t have too much time to explain all the details such as all the things that I tried from 1996 to 2013 and did not work well enough, but here is a complete program of those that did the trick:
In a nutshell: I had HHV-6, Epstein Barr, CMV & Mycoplasma Bacterial infections, a horrible cocktail of infections that both drag your body down and attack your immune system. I don’t have too much time to explain all the details such as all the wide variety of things that I tried from 1996 to 2013 and did not work well enough, but here is a complete program of those that did the trick:
1- Mycoplasma or Chlamydia Bacterial Infections are a major cause of our disease: Some of you may have received a flu shot or other injection that was contaminated. Such injections can be contaminated with a virulent strain of Mycoplasma Bacteria [such as Mycoplasma Pneumonia in my case] which frequently infects the laboratories that manufacture such anti-viral vaccines. It’s also possible that you have a bacterial Mycoplasma or Chlamydia infection just by a normal infection process such as breathing contaminated air. You can ask for a PCR test to confirm the Mycoplasma diagnosis at a high quality testing laboratory.
How to permanently cure Mycoplasma bacteria in 21 days: Purchase Klacid XL Antibiotic [Clarithromycin or Biaxin XL in USA]. I took 3 x 500 mg XL tablets total daily 8 hours apart for 4 days, and then dropped to 2 x 500 mg 12 hours apart for 16 days. It’s a high dose but if not taken at these high serum concentrations and for this period of time the bacteria are only weakened not eradicated. Safety: The main important point is that when taking antibiotics make sure to drink adequate fresh fruit or vegetable juices and water during the day to flush out the Kidneys. Do not exceed 21 days at this dosage. Try to get your doctor's support on this high dose antibiotic regime.. I learned from my extensive reasearch that 100% eradication of all Mycoplasma type bacteria requires a 21 day program.

2-For the Viral infections: EBV, CMV, HHV-6, you should make viral blood testing at a clinic specialized in Chronic Fatigue or ME patients. How do you eradicate and cure these very difficult strains of viruses: There is no magic bullet so please forget about any idea of a Conventional or Naturapathic doctor prescribing a magic pill. The patient should be placed on an all-natural diet high in fresh organic grown vegetables particularly: Cabbage, Red Beet, Broccoli, Onion, Tomato, Cold and Hot peppers, Korean Kimchee if available, hot mixed vegetable soups including Lentils with Indian spices. Mixed Nuts of all types should form one meal daily also. Fresh concentrated homemade lemon juice mixed with fresh Mint and Sage juice is another strong antiviral I used, two 8 oz glasses per day, you can add water and pure honey for taste but not sugar. One meal a day can be of your favorite foods as long as you choose healthy versions such as using organic Feta cheese not processed cheese. Note: This does not mean that you have to go on a radical raw food don't run away please :), It means that at least one meal a day should be a large meal of raw vegetables primarily those listed above, while a second meal should be mixed nuts and a third meal is your choice but choose healthy items.
Note: Eat as much fresh red onion or garlic that you can eat during one or two meals as these are both anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Optional Extra [ I wish this was available to me but the Colostrum gave me a substitute] if you can get fresh goat milk from goats grazing in the mountains on wild plants, this is a major Health & Immune system booster due to the pharmaceutical plant properties incorporated in the wild herbs that goats love to eat [ and grazing cows do not]. You can boil it for pasteurization. Take 1.0 to 1.5 liter daily as a meal, boiled with 2 tablespoon ginger root powder.

3-Seven Supplements are critically needed [taken daily for six months straight] to kill the viruses-bacterial infections directly by poisoning the virus at various stages of its lifespan and by boosting the CFS patient’s immune system:
******** Colostrum is very critical as a supercharger of the immune system. An excellent quality version is sold by Kordells in New Zealand, but you can try other available sources, plenty on or other sources. Please don't waste time with capsules, you want to buy the bulk powder versions to get the proper quantity.
******** Transfer Factor is another supplement needed, follow instructions but not less than 6 capsules daily.
******** Red Algae Extract is another proven anti-viral for HHV, EBV, CMV viruses, this is also needed.
******** Lauricidin, which is a US made extract taken from Coconut oil and is highly antiviral.
******** Grapefruit Seed Extract tablets, not capsules and take 5 tablets 2 x daily for two months. Do not use the liquid form as we want the tablets to reach the intestines to create havoc with the bacteria, fungus and virus that are thriving.
********* “Source Naturals" Olive Leaf Extract tablets [not olive leaf but olive leaf extract] and take 2x 4 tablets half hour before meals daily for six months. Strongly anti-viral and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.
********* “Natural Factors" DGL Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract and take 2x 4 tablets daily. Strongly anti-viral.
********* Optional: Myrrh pure extract made for internal use. Do not purchase low quality Myrrh extracts used for external use. Myrrh is a plant aromatic resin and gum that seeps from the bark of the Commiphora Myrrha tree. I took half an ounce [ error: I mean 1/8 ounce] twice daily with meals for two months only, don't exceed this. Warning: Only purchase Myrhh that is clearly labelled for internal use, or just purchase the pure raw Myrrh which is a solid resin, preferably of clear red-brown color.
4-Vitamin D-3 : Do one hour of natural sun tanning 5 x weekly at least to get Vitamin-D, and also purchase Vitamin D-3 at GNC or other sources 5000 IU size tablets, take four daily 20,000 IU total for two months then drop down to 15,000 IU daily until completing six months. Full body Sun tanning also exposes the viruses in blood to sunlight Ultraviolet Radiation which kills them. Vitamin D-2 is useless so do not take that form.
5-Sinus Problems are typically a structural or genetic defect of the skull and this encourages growth of viruses & a constant infection state: Various research studies & Dr. Tietelbaum have shown that 75% and greater of all CFS sufferers have deep seated chronic sinusitis problems. These act as a reservoir to maintain and breed viruses such as CMV and EBV in sinus passages. Yes, your skull's sinus cavities are being used as a Petri dish by nasty viruses such as EBV, CMV and by Mycoplasma bacteria. Solution: Go to an Ear Nose Throat specialist who is also a Sinus Surgeon and ask him to make an MRI image of your skull & sinus passages to search for blockages and structural deformities. If deficiencies are found then request Laparoscopic surgery to open the sinus drainage holes, remove Polyps and fix any deviated septum. Two or more of such sinus defects are typical in CFS patients. Perform salt water irrigation [add Grapefruit Seed Extract also] of the nasal passages twice daily. If you can, purchase a nose irrigation machine called SinuPulse Advanced Sinus System or from other manufacturers, its low priced at USD. 79.00. Lay on a bed or at bathtub with your head below the level of the bed when doing this cleansing to allow proper cleaning of the upper sinuses. Note: the results from the Sinus surgery in January 2010 was a 50% reduction in respiratory infections and more energy.

6- Liver Functional weakness leads to reduced immunity. We all have sick livers, trust me. Improve your Liver by detoxfication regimes including herbal liver detoxifiers which also improve overall digestion. Purchase non-alcoholic Digestive Bitters [which have Gentian Herb as a base extract] liquid extracts to be taken before or after each meal. You can also make your own at home by purchasing Gentian Root Herb and powdering this at home, and mixing 4 tablespoon powder with 400 ml organic apple cider vinegar. Add 50 grams of Milk Thistle Powder taken from capsules to give extra detoxification. Take two tablespoons during or after each large meal meaning twice daily. Started this in year 2001 and it went a very long way toward improvement of digestive difficulties and immune strength.
-->I know that this list sounds like a lot of work, but this program will both treat and cure when followed faithfully. For most people it may take one full year.
Best of luck to you all J, i hope you understand that this major disease requires an open mind which is able to understand all the various disease factors that led to your present condition.



I am glad you are doing so well. Thanks for sharing your success story.

I agree with you about the chronic infections and gut dysbioisis.
Thank you Nanie, appreciate your sincere care and contributions over the years. Some more information from my trials of natural products and pharmeceutical medicines:

1- I tried Iodoral 50 mg size tablets, containing Iodine. Took these in July, 2011 when I still had the Chronic Mycoplasma Pnuemonia bacteria strain. Dosage tried was one Iodoral 50 mg tablet per day for two weeks. Stopped after two weeks because the dosage was causing gum deterioration which i diagnosed as Scurvy. The Scurvy was due to depletion of Vitamin-C from my body because the high dosage Iodine compound ended up as a pro-oxident meaning that the body will utilize Vitamin-C stores to counteract the oxidation. The Iodoral was the first thing I took which really gave a big slap in the face to the Mycoplasma! Finally, i hit it with something that dropped it ....not exactly dead but down so you might say I gave the Mycoplasma some Chronic Fatgue: ).
Later on the Antibiotic regime of Klacid XL tablets [ Biaxin XL 2 x 500 mg daily at 21 days] dose killed it for good. Advice: If you take Iodoral make sure to take 2000 mg Vitamin-C daily, and also 800 IU Vitamin-E at separate meals. **** Note: This Klacid XL or Biaxin XL is an extra strength version denoted by "XL" which is normally taken once daily but I took it twice daily.

2- Took Samento Herb Extract capsules [ not liquid form which may be superior] as many here advised and again did feel a benefit against the Mycoplasma but not really much effect on the viruses thats my feeling. Anyway took six Samento capsules daily for 1.5 months. I would say that mixing Goldenseal Herb Root Capsules, 4 x 500 mg per day with soup or a sauce during a meal, gave good antiviral action.

3- Took "Good N Natural" Selenium tablets at 2 x 200 microgram tablet dosage daily for six months in 2005 and later off and on over the next years. Not all Selenium tablets are created equal so shop around, i like this specific brand. The Selenium is anti-viral but not really anti-bacterial however an added benefit is that it is anti-cancerous so nice to have. No really great impact because its not strong enough alone to eradicate these viruses.

4- Took "Now Foods" Essential Oil of Oregano Pure Extract and placed a few drops on a nebulizer machine output tube on a small cloth so as to inhale the vapor into my nose and breath deeply into the lungs. This burns when its strong so reduce dose at first. Make sure you purchase oil made for internal use. It did work well in killing off the Bronchial infections but was not really enough to eradicate the CMV and EBV, HHV-6. Alternative use: When 20 drops are mixed well with 2 tablespoons natural honey, if taken in morning on an empty stomach the impact on the viral infections is strong as you get an energy surge for the whole day.

5- Did a lot of Coffee Enemas for detoxification of the liver, started this in year 2007 by using information from CureZone. It helped to boost my energy levels through Liver detoxification about 3 x weekly. Sometimes would add 1.5 tablespoon powdered cloves to the Cofee enema. Was it worth the trouble? Yes......

6- Drank a lot of Ginger Juice freshly made at home, about 1 cup daily on an empty stomach only. It did not kill off the viruses or Bacteria but did succeed in cleaning out my arteries and energizing my brain tissues. Good stuff due to the extremely high enzymatic content. Good luck drinking this juice....its very spicy hot and hard to take but then we can't beat CFS-ME with Cotton Candy and Ice Cream, can we? By the way, this juice will burn off any living creatures who try to stay in your throat.

7- Flaxseed Oil eliminated a Urinary tract infection that I had and gave a boost to my immune system but again not really enough to eradicate the very powerfull viral infection. However, do buy Organic flaxseed oil and use it for salads and other dishes its important for health and cancer protective.

8- Took Periactin tablets which is Cyproheptadine, an older generation off-the-shelf Antihistamine. This is a gentle nervous system relaxant with practically zero side effects but induces deeper REM sleep at night and at the same time greatly improves the digestive system function from Liver bile, Pancrease enzyme and stomach acid secretion point of view. Hmmm, a double benefit; This I have to admit gave a major boost to my immune system by providing true deep sleep and immune recovery at night. I was taking two tablets at night just before dinner with some Orange juice. Took this off and on starting from 2002 whenever I felt that my body really needs a deep sleep recovery especially after heavy exercise. Conclusion, this is better than all sleep drugs on the market in terms of minimal side effects and maximum benefits to CFS-ME patients. One last point: Periactin accidently boosts natural Growth Hormone and other Pituitary hormones output in a safe process, so the drug maker started marketing it also as an Appetite enhancer.

9- Took GNC Kyolic Garlic tablets 1000 mg size about 5 tablets daily with major meal from 2002 to 2008. Yes it has a nice energy boost and important for those who want exercise stamina but its not strong enough to eradicate the Mycoplasma type bacteria or viruses. GNC does not carry the Kyolic high quality tabs anymore so i recommend not using GNC, try Prohealth and and search for Kyolic Garlic tablets. Some have taken garlic pearl capsules, I have tried these also and they are fine but only if you take enough.

10. Exercise: I was always into fitness and over the years changed my average physique and stamina into an Athletic type. When I got hit by CFID in 1993 at 29 years of age, I didn't want to surrender all that hard earned health and strength so i faught the disease hard. After about one year i slowly started to incorporate exercise into my schedule. Swimming is a great place to start and later I went back to lifting weights but this took years. Note: a 20 minute hot Jacuzzi [ 40 degC] at night one or two hours before sleep has a strong immune boost for me and sends me into deep sleep without taking any sleep aids. I also suspect that the 20 minutes in Jacuzzi with hot water on the spine is weakening the viruses since some accumulate at the spinal cord. High temperatures kill viruses and proximity of spine to the hot water means that the viruses living there are cooked. For the same reason, some natural doctors recomended adding pure Clove oil massaged on the spine before sleeping.

11. Took GNC Quercetin 1000 mg size tablets 5 daily with main meal starting year 2011. Did not feel much benefit at 3 tablets but when i increased to 5 tablets it was enough to help kill off the viral infections [ not sure which exact viruses, may have been the respiratory type we catch frequently] . I would recommend that you take 8 tablets daily to get a stronger impact, meaning 2 x 4 of 1000 mg tablets daily. Nothing special about GNC brand on these, just shop around and try Prohealth products also.

12. Took Artemisinen in 2011-2012 at relatively low dosages once daily with main meal, i did notice an anti-viral action and improved digestion also so this is definately a nice addition to the anti-CFID program. If you try one brand and don't like it, make sure to purchase another brand and experiment with that. Artemisinin has been found by medical research to be both anti-parasital and anti-viral.

13. Did Iodine Painting of feet before sleeping at night when i had heavy respiratory infections; it does work well but i don't feel its necessary to do this continuously, just do it when symptoms are severe. Would wake up in the morning feeling better and coughing up brown color mucus so it definately worked...i used pharmaceutical grade Iodine.

14. Took hot Black tea flavored with dried or fresh Sage leaves about 2 x cups daily frequently and noticed that the Sage is anti-viral and an energy booster. You can buy dried Sage leaves from an herbal store, makes the tea taste great. You might like to purchase pure Sage extract made for internal use and add that to your drinks but i have not tried this.

15. Took Grapeseed Oil purchased in 500 ml size bottles. Used two tablespoons at dinner mixed with powdered Thyme [ Zaatar is another name for this Thyme]. I did feel a benefit in terms of reduction of infections meaning it is anti-viral. However, when i tried another brand nothing happened so watch out for cheap quality products that are not true full virgin extract oils.

Hope You all get well soon and join our club,

Excellent Abdulrahman, thanks much for sharing. --- So happy to hear you're doing much better. Would that be 100%, or perhaps somewhat less than that? Congratulations on your improvements, and for persisting so long until you finally recovered your health! :) --- I posted a link to your post on the Phoenix Rising message board. Hope that was OK.

Best, Wayne
Hello Wayne,
You are welcome and sure why not share the program with other CFID sites it's a good idea. Been through the CFID rollercoaster and had intervals of one to two months straight in 2011 and early 2012 where i would do very well at 100% normal health only to later fall victim to multiple respiratory infections due to the lingering viruses that degraded the immune systems so that any flu virus walking down the street knocks me down. Before 1993 i would only catch one respiratory virus per year and it would only last 3 days.....not 20 years.
By the way if you read the original posting its been a gradual increase in health with the bigger jumps coming in proportion to the various detoxification regimes followed, applying gradual exercise, improving sleep quality by eliminating snoring and sometimes shocking the viral-bacterial infections with a one day very high dose of natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial foods and supplements. Finally getting rid of the Mycoplasma Pneumonia by late July-2012 eliminated 40% of total CFID infection symptoms and that specific pathogen has never returned to this day.
Some remaining items applied with positive results:
16- Took a Liquid Iron Formula named "Floradix", available at Amazon or other sites. This is a high quality German made organic liquid iron with vitamins best for CFS patients. I advise to keep away from the majority of iron supplements on market as they have poor absorption and can make your liver get into a worse condition. About 85% of all CFS patients were found to be low in iron and to have vertical ridges on fingernails which is a sign of iron deficiency and I had that too. Results: I did feel a usefull increase in strength and immune resistance, completed 3 x 500 ml bottles in a five month period during 2007 to boost my iron storage levels.

17- Tried Lymphatic Massage at several times from 2005 to 2011, it does give a significant energy boost by helping to clean out the Lymphatic fluid channels where the viruses can multiply and hide. I would ask for strong Lymphatic massage and not only the lighter type of superficial skin massage. Well worth the money. ==> To get a double whammy effect on viruses: Formulate your own massage oil at home using an Olive or Grapeseed oil base added to it Clove oil, Oregano oil, and Cinnamon extracts. Make sure these are the expensive pure extracts and not cheap formulations. Let this sit for several days, and then take it to your massage sessions in morning for them to apply. Keep the massage oil on your body for the full day and night and only wash off next morning. The oils will be absorbed through your skin into bloodstream and kill off pathogens.
18- Went to a local Chiropractor to see if Spinal Manipulation would help me, in year 2011. Did eight sessions in four weeks, it did help improve my sleep, removed some neck tension and i could walk lighter afterwards. Do i recommend this: Yes, you need to fix anything you can find on your body that can be done in a safe manner.

19- Tried MGN-3 Immune Booster in year 2000 which was an immune booster marketed mainly for cancer patients. using a mushroom extract There is now a similar formulation on the market [ see: ] but the original MGN-3 is out of business. . Anyway what it does is boost NK killer cells by 200% to 350% and I agree it worked well to stop infections when i could take 5 capsules daily but it was so expensive that i discontinued it...besides I wanted to solve the root cause of my CFID disease and at that time did not even know i had CFID. Does it work? not bad but need a total Holistic supplement program.
20. Tried several Acupuncture Sessions in 2004, but got no benefit at all.

21. Took GNC brand of MSM 1500 mg size tablets x 3 daily with main meal. I could feel an incremental boost of energy, also strong impact on fingernails and hair growth so that is a sign of improved Collagen production. It also reduced minor joint pains in the shoulders. Do i recommend this? Yes, its valuable. Try other brands and see which works best for you.

22. I took digestive supplements and used Pancreoflat Digestive Enzyme Formula, 4 to 5 tablets with 2 major meals daily [ eight to ten total daily]. If you cannot find this try the Brand: MRM Digest-All is supposed to be one of the best in the market. Don't waste time taking the one or two tablets recomended; we have major digestion system weakness and need large quantities with each meal about 4 to 5 tablets.

23. Took 25 mg Zinc Gluconate tablets once daily off and on since 2003 whenever I found myself to have symptoms of Zinc deficiency such as slow healing of minor skin wounds. Zinc deficiency is very common in CFID patients, leading to low immunity.

24. The SinuPulse Elite Sinus Irrigation Machine as discussed before is important because we need healthy sinuses and nasal cavities and its hard to clean these using only Neti pots. I recommend to purchase this its priced at only USD 79.00. Its fantastic! High quality, and well designed in Switzerland for pulsing a mixture water & salted powder that comes with the machine. Make your own safe concoctions at home such as mixing Olive Leaf Extract liquid 5 ml, with Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid 30 drops and 450 ml water. This works well at cleaning out any fungal infections. However be make sure you place your head upside down when pulsing this liquid so it can reach all sinus cavities. Also, on other days just do it the standard way.

25. I purchased a valuable Book called "The Immune Restoration Handbook", available on Very valuable practical content and it covers all types of viral and bacterial infections with natural treatments and prescription drugs used with a review on the actual benefits or negatives.