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Hey, Spacee/whoever will listen:

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Just had a call from Dr. Carol Ann Ryser's office. Is there anyone in the world out there who has been to this lady cfs doc? Kansas City, Mo. ??? (I live 3 to4 hrs. away) Anyway they were getting back to me about an appt. time...in August!..the appt. last for three days...tests, chats and going over things. The price is off the charts! I am sharp I have to say...I do know my stuff...about TF, tests, supps and even meds...I have researched cfs/myco...so much. I can't tell you how much we have paid out in doctors or supplements over the years. One time I had a 7 grand treatment done...and it worked maybe two weeks! Just things like that make us pull back and pray! I think its odd though...that if ProHealth puts Dr. Ryser's work/info online or in paperwork... why can't we read more on her patients and hear about those great results.
I know we all can see that the legal aspect is all over that kinda stuff...but somehow we have got to hear about things that work! Maybe I should go onto the regular cfs msg. bd. and put a plea out to people there ...to see if anybody there knows anything. Dr. Ryser knows a lot about transfer factors...the Iv's, aniti biotics for lymes/mycoplasmas...etc. She must being doing something right...but how do we really know unless those recovering patients stand up and tell us their story. Dr. Ryser's husband even called me ...to go over treatment. They sound intense and mean business...thats huge to me and says a lot. He told me there are a lot of patients that are better with great reports...I asked why he wouldn't get that word out??
I was straight with him...the price is so high for the recovery and so why not share how wonderful people feel later. Am I wrong? I am just so curious...I want to hear how other myco/pts. did and what life is like now. What do you think? ( Spacee: Yes, the M and L by The Herb Finder is amazing ...drains those puffy lymph glands, now! I also tried the "Anti" by them...wonderful as well. They are on the web somewhere...smile.) and...God bless the rest of you. Stay focused and lets all help each other. Just took my transfer factors...by Chisolm and Essentials by Prohealth. Thank God for that! Blazer


This isn't to stop you from going at all. I may well persuade you that it is all or nothing here...meaning she will either help you a lot or not at all.

My friend who died about 3 months ago at the age of 47 had a lot of the stuff you have. But she also had Addison's. Which you probably know that her adrenals were not working. She was under a huge about of physical marital problems and that alone could have been the cause of her death.

But she told me before the marital stuff started that she told the doc "I am going for quality of life, not length of life". He was relieved and told her she was one of his sickest patients. He kept her going with the IV's. They had great insurance so not too much out of pocket.

Ok, now I am going to back up to what was wrong like you. The lyme, the mycos, but she refused to take antibiotics...soI don't know how you get better without those. And what also she had that isn't like you is toxic mold. She evidently had been exposed to it as a younger person and when she spent a weekend at her son's, it came back with a vengence. The mold was in her lungs, throat, badder..awful. She took garlic to clear it up...not something I, personally would have done.

The doc kept his word...she could drive, play with her dogs, get her hair done. So, after the IV's she would have a couple of good days. I think she got them twice a week. Her goal was to go out to each once a month and go to the grocery store weekly. She went to the FFC in Dallas and then found this doc who specialized in CFS.

I am rambling but I am praying for you to have wisdom. Dr Ryser is so close..it could be worth it. She might not cure you but she might get you a lot better.

I am so sick today that if I had the money, I would be there. Actually, do have the money but no one to go too within 3 hours. I didn't sleep last nite, I know that is a big reason I am bad. But, I have a few days a week that I can leave the house for a couple of hours. That is it. Well, some exercising and still make it to church.

My youngest son will graduate from Duke next year. I don't know if I can make it...that is killing me. Not to mention he hasn't married yet. Something has happened to me in the last year. In June 2008, we went to Orlando to have lunch with my other son for his 30th birthday. I had no problem staying awake. Now since before Christmas...I can't stay awake! I am 59, I would give anything for 5 more years like I have had.

Right now I take the Chisholm #2 and #9. They are priceless. They have given me the years I have had...I just want a few more.

I know this stuff is expensive. Years ago I went to Dr. Lapp. The cost of the trip to NC was the only real expense since they took insurance then. And I have about $3,000 left of $5,000 of TF in the freezer.

If you can pay for it, go. Have no regrets. You tried no matter what.

That is what I would do.

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