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Hi -- A look out of *my* window ---

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from the computer! :)

There are now THREE Bald Eagle Babies, in the Hays Neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


This is the best camera view I can get, and, oh boy, I can watch it for hours:


Don't ya just LOVE NATURE?????



PS: This is not my camera. I wish it was. :p I've tried many more websites, and this is the best reception that I get. You all can google "baby bald eagles pittsburgh", to read and try to see more. It's all over our news.
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Hi Diane - was just watching the third baby work it's way out of the egg. Such a fierce looking parent bird so gently feeding the hatchlings.


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That is so exciting to see the baby eagles hatch. When I was a kid we had some ducks and I used to watch the little ones hatch. It just thrilled me. I've never seen an eagle up close. They're awesome.