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hi all what is

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this site all about , i have been posting on the arthritis site, and was looking for info for my wife who has IBS then ended up here and have not got a clue what is going on ,,on this board , can some one please explain, be most gratefull ,,


In a mother's breastmilk to her newborn PRIOR to the actual milk, she produces COLOSTRUM which transfers her immunity to the baby.

In 1949 it was discovered that cow (bovine) and chicken colostrum TRANSFERS to humans.

For years these "transfer factors" have been studyied and perfected. At first there were just general TF's but later it was discovered that they could "train" this colostrum factors to "target" specific pathogens such as viruses and mycoplams. There are a number of TF's out their but to obtain info on which ones target which. I just call Prohealth's 800 # at the bottom of the page.

Some of the things that are targeted are EBV, CME, LYME and I will "bump" up the two TF's that Rich Carson takes (me too) cause that is quite a list!

A good way to find out which things you might need to target is to have your doc test for them.

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thanks for the explanation, i even put up a post on RA board to try and solve that one reading the posts here it looked complex,, must say this board is not so buisy,
thanks for that , hope you are doing ok..