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Hi! I need to lose too....

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Last spring, I went to the Obesity- Endocrinology-Metabolism clinic. They ran tests.
Endocrinologist couldn't figure out why I've gained, and the nutritionist was impressed how well I was already making food choices. So they and I were stumped why I couldn't lose weight.

At least I'm not diabetic YET. But this obesity is not wellness!
I have worked so hard to "get healthy" over the years...especially the last 5. I do know that if you have low serotonin (neurotransmitter), it can be hard to lose, but I took a product to boost that so that shouldn't be holding me back any longer.

I know the gain is partly from menopause; as estrogen decreases and adrenals take on the role of managing it, many women gain around the middle, etc. It is tougher to lose weight, but possible. If you have adrenal fatigue, you can't lose weight, and don't have energy to exercise, and exercise could make you worse!... So I supplemented to treat adrenals and hormones (including Vit. D). The integrative doc said that the endocrinoligist had "missed it" that my thyroid was the problem, so he put me on a supplement for a while. I'm balanced now with all this, I'm told!

So now why am I obese? STRESS!!! I believe it is adding on pounds. Financial problem affording the special foods since July. Got to restart exercise too but have been too busy trying to find a way to increase income, helping chronically ill daughter, and so much more!!...
Balancing all the issues of life is a challenge, for sure!!

Any advice or encouragement would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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If you all don't mind, I will post what I have learned or am learning... and you feel free to jump in anytime! Thanks. I truly believe the key to weight loss is reducing ignorance of how the body works and gets healthy.

As for one stress cure: 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to lower your cortisol levels, which reduces stress aand makes the body run better. Celtic Sea Salt helps Adrenal function.

Increase Fiber. Glucommanan Fiber with FOS is best!

Vinegar dressings for salads help lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and help weight loss.

Dr. Eric Braverman, from Path Medical Centers in N.Y. and Philadelphia, and a leading expert in anti-aging, teaches about brain health, and has 2 books: Younger You, and The Edge Effect. I heard him on TV, mentioning about The Rainbow Diet with all its vegetables, fruits, and spices, as well as certain teas. Right now I found that Suzanne Sommers in her Breakthrough book, interviewed Dr. B.. so I'll see what I learn this way...

Let's Keep hope!!

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If your brain chemistry is imbalanced you will have certain cravings that become addictive and compulsive:

*dopamine being sugar cravings
*acetylcholine being fat cravings
* GABA being protein cravings and portion control
* Serotonin is salt cravings

Tea chemicals cut the appetite.

Spice chemicals cut appetite by giving you antioxidant nutrient density. Need 3 spices per meal, at least. Put cayenne pepper on brown rice, put turmeric or basil on eggs, cinnamon on yogurt, sage in chicken soup.

Obese people have medical illnesses, undiagnosed, such as hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, or disease affecting the liver, gallbladder, lung, or immune system. Need to treat these to cure the obesity.
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that if you are overeating, it causes reduction in Dopamine (neurotransmitter) level receptors.
Wow. Now there's a reason NOT to overeat, because it reduces brain function!


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I can't emphasize enough, that we should get a medical checkup. Being overweight can be due to an undiagnosed health problem. I also recommend the ZRT Lab's saliva test for hormone levels and take the supplements necessary to balance hormones. Poor Thyroid function can cause weight change.

You could have nutritional deficiencies -- because obesity can be from not having enough of the right balance of foods and supplements daily. SpectraCell is the lab to use.

Get the little test strips to check your body's PH. If you are very acidic, you will be overweight and more prone toward disease.Start eating more foods from the alkaline side of the chart.

Drink quality water and the right amount based on your weight.


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Dr. Eric Braverman's advises: :

The easiest way to make sure you are getting more nutrients into every meal is by choosing foods that are loaded with spices and herbs. They add color, flavor, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and often medicinal properties. They maximize nutrient density, increase overall feeling of fullness and satiety, and create a more thermogenic diet, which naturally increases your metabolism and you store less as body fat.

When you flavor your foods with spices instead of salt you'll immediately see health and physical benefits. Once you kick the salt habit you will no long have excessive bloating and water retention.

Over time, using spices will also lessen your cravings for simple, nutrient poor carbohydrate snacks because you will not be yearning for a savory, salty taste. Stay clear of the chips and dips and you're doing your brain and your body a big favor.

Cinnamon may improve blood-glucose levels by increasing a person's insulin sensitivity. Consuming as little as two teaspoons of cinnamon daily for six weeks reduces blood-glucose levels significantly. It also improved blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, perhaps because insulin plays a key role in regulating fats in the body.

Choose flavor over blandness every time, and try to incorporate these specific herbs and spices into your diet if you have the following health concerns:

* rosemary and basil for their anti-inflammatory power
* cumin and sage for their dementia-fighting power
* cayenne and cinnamon for their obesity-fighting power
* coriander and cinnamon for their sugar regulating powers
* lemon grass, nutmeg, bay leaves and saffron for their calming effects on your mood
* turmeric for its cancer fighting power
* oregano for its fungus-beating power
* garlic, mustard seed and chicory for their heart-pumping power
* basil and thyme for their skin-saving power
* turmeric, basil, cinnamon, thyme, saffron, and ginger for their immune-boosting power
* coriander, rosemary, cayenne, allspice and black pepper for their depression-busting power

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Just got notice my HS reunion will be in July. Can I get in shape by then?
Well, all this snow shoveling should help, huh? <wink!!>

Happy New Years Eve today!!!


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hey there! i am setting small goals for myself....easter, memorial day, etc lol a high school reunion is the best goal to set for! i wish you luck in your life change! i am changing my life too.....gonna eat healthier and smaller portions along with adding in exercise.....it will be a great year for change! Lets support each other :) Happy New Year!!!!!!


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It is GREAT to hear your goal for change, to reach better health!!

One thing that helps when trying to quit any habit, is to exchange it for something better.
Like for example, my temptation has been Hersheys Almond bars, so I have now replaced them with a health-food bar, like a protein bar. <smile>


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According to health experts, there of four factors in weight control:
1. strength training to help build muscle,
2. cardiovascular training to increase your metabolism,
3. good nutrition to manage caloric intake but provide the body with sufficient energy, and
4. mental strength providing the ability to start and execute a program.

Good nutrition often includes the following nutritional herbal and weight loss supplements:

Popular weight loss herbs include the following:

* Bitter Orange
* Cayenne
* Coleus
* Ephedra
* Garcinia Cambogia
* Green Tea
* Guaraná
* Guggul
* Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae)
* St. John’s Wort



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at least 30 minutes of Far Infared Sauna use on a regular basis. I read that the effect of this is like running 9 miles. You not only burn calories, but improve your skin, detoxify, etc.!

Since my daughter with chronic illness needs to do this, and the unit is for two people, I go in too! I just started this (3 times) and already notice my skin is softer.

The clinic where we go to for the sauna also uses the hypothalymus-changing approach to weight loss, similar to what K. Trudeau recommends, except that oral drops are used instead of shots. I am not doing this now, but just thought I'd mention it. Has anyone here tried it? I have read pros and cons to this, so I'm just doing the sauna right now. [This Message was Edited on 07/14/2009]


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I don't keep bread in the house either, as I try to stick to the Candida-control diet.

I have heard of Armour thyroid but never checked it out; it must work great for you! I used James Wilson's Adrenal supplements for a while, followed by a few months of TerrainZyme Thyro-Zyme (bovine) by Apex Energetics to give my thyroid a push, and later switched to the gentler Thyrotain (plant-based) by Orthomolecular Products.