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Hi to Spacee...glad to be back

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HI, I had been on vacation with family driving a couple thousands miles to round trip that is...to our very far away cottage...I am on month four...and the Chilsom Lab TF for myco and herpes family...is working!!! They told me that after the third month the body picks up and feels better and better. I agree I am feeling "alive" again on a whole new level...more normal, stronger days. I still have maybe some times during a day I might feel "rough"...I keep olive leaf with me along with maybe some other anti-viral/bacteria supps...as a back up. That usually happens when I have just pushed myself for too long. I faithfully take one capsule of the myco and herpes TF...every monring on an empty stomach...and soon after that I add NADH...which I find wonderful for me.
To sleep well at night and like a baby...I take one or two mg. of melotonin...it works amazingly well for me.
Just had bio identical hormone testing done also...I'm 51 and the results were right on!...depleted in almost everything. Actually my husband did the saliva testing with me...and his bio hormones have worked just great!..very good. I have to get my adjusted..felt very swelled on them...have to back off and talk to the pharmasist. We work with an apothecary compounding pharmacy...a go between to the doctor. So between TF and some hormones I am doing better. Ok, enough for now.
God bless to all. Blazer


That was quite a long trip!. i took a tip from you and started taking my two TF's together (Myco#9 and CFS #2). I take them together for one week and then take nothing for a week. My immune system seemed to really like this "mixing up" the TF's. Guess I had been in a rut too long. Also. with the olive leaf and the NADH.

I am working on the bioidenticals too. I am 58. My estrogen was fine!! I kinda knew that it was from the way my body felt. But I need some progesterone cream which I have started and some DHEA which I need to start. Also, they did a bone loss test and my are doing good so that was a relief.

I just started Kirkman Magnesium/Sulfate cream that Dr. Cheney recommends. It is suppose to give us more energy but only for one hour. Well, I am sensitive to that stuff and it last for 24 hours for me. At times I feel "normal"...not that I am but it still felt good! Do a google, if interested. About $17 a jar. I think mine is going to last a month. I don't use it every day though. I think I would start "borrowing" too much of the next day's energy. Or I could just use less, I guess. Teak..Tweak!!