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Himalayan Salt

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Himalayan pink salt is one of the nature's best gift. It is pure, unrefined and free from any chemicals. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements which are are essential for our health. It has so many health benefits.
It detoxifies the body by balancing the pH level.
It provides required minerals to the body.
It balances the blood sugar level.
It boosts blood flow.
It helps in reducing cramps and muscle pain by improving minerals and hydration.
Himalayan salt is the healthy substitute of any other salt available.


Hi, Jeffrey,

I've used pink Himalayan salt for years. The trace minerals it contains are vital to health. I also have a salt lamp which is supposed to soothe the nerves. Welcome to our wonderful boards.

Love, Mikie


will the himalayan salt raise your blood pressure? i cant afford for that to happen. if it doesnt , i will have to buy some, for the vital minerals it produces. many thanks.


Dear Joanie,

I don't think the pink salt raises BP any more than any other salt. My BP doesn't go up unless I eat a tremendous amount of any salt. I buy mine from Dr. Mercola's site and it's very reasonable.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Jeff, Mikie and Joanie,

I saw this post and thought it interesting. My DD who moved to Austin bought me some quite awhile ago and I still have it . It is quite tasty and have not found it to raise my b/p even though I do not use it for everything. I use Mrs Dash's blends esp the garlic due to my weird and sometimes spiky b/p. I still have quite a bit left. My DD probably got hers from Whole Foods, Trader Joes or one of those wonderful places not close to us that has so many things at good prices. So I will have to search around at some of the places I use to get my stuff, unless I go on sale day to my Health Food store that has specials once a month.. I use it for special things like on tomatoes, very good.

It is very interesting. I had heard that it was very good for you.

Welcome Jeffrey and thanks for the information.

Granni :)
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There are, unfortunately, as many "scientific" reports that debunk the benefits of Himalayan salt as there are "scientific" reports that tout it. I suspect we must, pun unintentional, take it with a grain of salt....


Granni, check your BP meds to make sure you can use Mrs. Dash's products. They usually contain a lot of potassium which may cause problems with BP meds.

Duckie, another good pun. What I read lately is that not all high BP is the same. Salt can raise some people's BP but does not affect others'. I once had an FAA physical and had eaten a ham sandwich for lunch. My BP was very elevated. I should have taken the flight of stairs up to the doc's office. Good thing I wasn't high. Well, time's flying so I have to go.

Love, Mikie