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Hope You Had A Great Thanksgiving

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Hi, My Friends,

Just wanted to stop in to say I hope all y'all over here had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope your whole entire Holiday Season is blessed. My friend, Claudia, and I had lunch with her Mom who has Alzheimer's. She was having a good day so we all enjoyed it. Who would have thought spending Thanksgiving at a facility for people with dementia would be such a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope and pray a cause and cure for Alzheimer's is found. Of course, I hope and pray cures for the things that ail us are found too. That would indeed be something to be thankful for.

Love, Mikie


Hi Mikie,

I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. You were blessed and so were the residents. I fully believe that if Functional and natural medicine were the accepted standards of care, instead of conventional medicine, there would be far fewer chronically ill people, including people with Alzheimer's.

My 2 adult children and their families came for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed cooking for everyone and being able to spend some time all together. :)

I always get a pic of our 4 grandchildren on Thanksgiving to use on our Christmas card. What a process that is! They range in age from 1 - 15. Trying to get them all to look at the camera, smile and sit still is a real feat! We finally got one good pic after who-knows-how-many....lol. My daughter says she thinks it would be hilarious to use the blooper pics on our card :D....cute idea, but probably not happening. o_O

I have lots to be thankful for, for sure. I pray for all those who are suffering and experiencing other difficult times and stand with you in praying for a cure for many illnesses.

Take care!


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Hey There, Mikie and Nannie

Glad to hear you both had a nice Thanksgiving. Nannie, maybe next year you can get a pic where your daughter is the one who is blooping.

Mikie, that was very kind of you to visit Claudia's mother. Don't hear that name anymore.. When I was in first grade I had a friend named Claudia. Her family moved before second
grade. Never saw her again. Never knew anyone else named Claudia either.




Hi, Kids,

For so many of us, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. I think it's because it involves cooking, eating and family.

Amber, yours sounds wonderful and I'm laughing at the struggle to get a good pic of the grandkids. The Google phone takes multiple shots in succession instead of just one and then, it recommends which one to save. Out of a bunch, there is usually a good one. Duckie, who is a computer wizard over on the Porch, has a Google phone so they must be good. My kids usually make a Christmas card with a photo of them on it. I love that idea.

Rock, I've heard the name, Claudia, but I've never known anyone personally with that name. She is one of the kindest and most friendly people I've ever known. Same with my pal, Nancy. I am so lucky to have them in my life. Claudia and I really miss Nancy since she moved away. She misses us too but is now close to her kids. Thank God for technology which helps us keep in touch through texting while we play our nightly games of Jeopardy. I hope Jim's kitchen will be OK. Glad he is OK. Thank God for the technology, and the generosity of PH, that allows us to have our online family here.

Gonna get going and read the virtual newspaper (more technology). Love, hugs and prayers for everydooby.

Love, Mikie