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Hospice nurse

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He is on morphine ...he is in a moama stage he can here you but can not respond..my daughter & son is here with me.

She said it is near..maybe today or tomarrow..This is the hardest thing I have ever went through, I want him to go and go to the other side..but he has to here from his son and daughter who is in Tenn..she will be here too..

I want to be strong up tears are always there..God help me say the words of comfort....JOY


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I have been in your position, do not try to be strong. Allow yourself to cry, let George know that you will miss him and how much you love him. Tell him that is time for him to go and that you will see him on the other side when it is your time. Tell him whatever you feel you want to say. If you say it all now, you will have no regrets when he is gone.


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Mariellen is right.........speak from your heart. Tell him of all the love you have for him and talk about all the good times. He can still hear you, even tho he can't respond. It will bring him comfort as he passes over.

God love you,



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It could well be that he IS just waiting to hear from the son and daughter...

My MIL didn't pass away until all of the family had a chance to get there and say their goodbyes...by then she had lapsed into a coma. And then...she didn't pass away until those who stayed the night w/her...went down to the cafeteria to have breakfast. After all...when my FIL passed away, my MIL must have sensed it and asked my hubby (her son) and me to take her home. My FIL passed before we got to the door taking us out of the hospital.



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I'm so sorry. This really is the most horrible experience, isn't it. I'm very sorry.

One thing I said to Mom that really helped her was "I understand" when she tried to communicate. I didn't understand, but to hear me say I did really calmed her. She was gone in less than 24 hours. Could have been coincidence but maybe not.

Praying you find the perfect words of love and peace for you both.


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Gina is on her way will be here this morning..she had to take the bus..her brother will pick her up..I did tell George she will be here...I hope he will find peace...This morning he is breathing hard ...kind of fast beathing..just part of the stages of dying..

I have this medication for stress and it sure has helped me for sleeping...last night I turned every thing off at 9pm and took 2 of them and I slept until 3am I got up at 4am..this is good for me...my daughter is sleeping with me..what a rock she is..she is my angle...

I think he is waiting for Gina so once she is here and talked to her dad he will be at peace..God bless us all..JOY