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How are you all doing?

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Just checking this site and see very little action as compared to other times in the way past. Can you share what and how you are doing?? How are you all doing on your transfer factors?
I'm still plugging away on my tfs' for mycoplasma and the ebv/stands,etc. I take two tfs' a day. Doing well...but wow, it took a lonnnnggg time for it to really kick in!
Working little by little. Sticking with it. I still use doxy antibiotic here and there to keep the cfs/myco down! That bug is insane ya'll! If you think you have cfs/fm go read up on mycoplasma... what an education. The tf's are divine tho for helping me to live a somewhat "normal"life.
Still on plenty of supps. My favs. tho are as follows:
(anit bug both viral/bacterial...these are fantastic:
olive leave
oregano oil
YES, the above four I take a part in time from the tf's
but those herbs will also take any sore throat, sore/icky flu like symptoms away in a snap! I don't "dink" around with that flu/viral robs me of life..So, I take those four herbs and I feel great in just minutes time! I use the NOW brand and olive leaf from WalMart. Works for me! NOw can you read thru the lines of all this ...??? Yes, Mycoplasma is insane! I am determined to live life, love life and stick with it! Search the net for deals on products and go after what you need to fight and have life! Blazer


So good to here how you are doing. I take all but three of your supplements...astralugus, oregano oil and the echinacea.

I like the NOW brand too very much. I do order some from Prohealth like the NADH. Our Wally doens't have that. I find B-12 essential too. But the sublingual doesn't work for me like the injections.

How have you done doxy? I have been thinking that I need to kill some mycos with that but my doc leaves it up to me to figure out things. Do you plus the dose like Mikie?


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