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How does it work exactly?

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I have Qs about the process for getting LTDisability; I am on temporary for now. Here's a bit of background info first:

I have had FMS for the last 10 years and developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome (a second neurolgical, nerve-related illness) in early summer, landing me paralyzed and in ICU and rehab for 2 months, continuing my rehab at home.

I have easily qualified for temporary disabilty from June until January, when the doctor seems to think I am able to return to work (teaching kindergarten - ha!) My recovery from GBS has plateaued and the illness has exacerbated FMS.

Other than still having numbess and mild paralysis in the mornings, among other issues, I definitely struggle with a complete lack of endurance, extreme fatigue and worsening push > crash. (and the doctor thinks I can return to work.)

I truly have no idea how the system works, or the process, or anything else.

Can you please give me a run-down of how to get started and what to expect?

I seem to recall that there was Disabilty Insurance or perhaps a disability attorney where patients with Fibro were more likely to get disability going thru this company.

What's the name of that company and can someone link me to a conversation here about it. I couldn't find it on the Disability boards.

Does it start with A?

Also, Is there a difinitive test for ME that can lead to an actual diagnosis?

I suffer from FM (with a Dx) and Migraines (with a Dx) and newly ill with Guillain-Barre (with a Dx).

I have always suspected for the ten years I have had FMS that I also have ME (aka CFS, right?).

Does adding this diagnosis help my case toward LT Disability?

I have all the Sx for Lyme Disease as well - I get there's overlap of these others and LD, I've just never wanted to know :\...Should I try for a LD test too - would this help me get LTD?

I work as a kindergarten teacher. I know what it takes to do the job and I barely could do it before I developed GBS this summer.

thanks, Lisa


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There was a company, some of the people on the ProHealth board were using and it started with an A (it's not Alston), but I forget the name of that company. You might check through this board and see if anybody had mentioned it.

Big warning: For long term disability OR for Social Security Disability, any doctor that has okayed you to return to work will be a problem for you. They ruin the case you are gathering for yourself for disability. Get to another doctor immediately who will recognize your ailments and assist you with your ailments and help you towards proving disability.

Usually, you would apply for Permanent Disabilty and then if approved, they require somewhere in their contract with you that after you are approved for Long Term Disability, you have to apply for Social Security Disability within so much time.

You may be in for a major battle to get Long Term Disabiilty (LTD). The insurance carriers aren't just handing that out easily and for many it becomes a major battle. My one boss that became disabled and was a lawyer and a partner in the firm had to go through a major battle to be approved. She was in very bad shape.

Be aware up front that Long Term Disability may and many times will employ people to do surveillance on you, to potentially interview neighbors as perhaps insurance people asking questions about you, etc. (pose as an insurance agent asking questions of neighbors in order to give life insurance for the next door neighbor) and you may already have surveillance on you. They will also do internet work on you. So be aware ahead of time.

Anything on Facebook or other social network page is something they definitely check-- so if you write you are out at parties or out all day shopping or have photos of you skiing or other nonsense, that will show up and be used to deny you long term disability. It's better to take down Facebook pages now to avoid any problems. Old photos can even cause problems.

Disability does not have to be one diagnosis. It can be multiple diagnoses which together make it impossible for you to do ANY JOB, not just the job you used to do.

Get to doctors that can provide diagnosis of the ailments you have and have them provide some types of labs/tests to provide some type of proof. Also, I have forms on this Board that are for Fibro that will give an idea of what Social Security Disability is looking for and maybe that will help you for Long Term Disability.

For Social Security Disability, here is the site with the requirements to prove Fibromyalgia:

I am so sorry you are in such pain and at the point where you need help and are unsure where to go, and it's hard to figure that out. It should be much easier for those of us who are disabled to get the help we need. Prayers and Good Luck

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I believe the company some mentioned on ProHealth was Allsup to help them with SSD.

Go to the top right where it has a blank with a search function. Insert the word Allsup in there and hit SEARCH. It will bring up many posts about Allsup and you can read them and decide from there.

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