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How to Add an Avatar (profile photo)

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1. Make sure you are logged in (you'll see your name in the green bar above). If you're not logged in, follow the instructions in How to Log In or Create a New Account.

2. In the green bar above, place your mouse over your username. You will then see a menu pop-up. Select "Avatar":

3. To upload your avatar image, click the "Browse" button.

4. Locate your image on your computer. Images should be at least 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Once you've selected your image click "Open".

5. Your avatar will appear on the page. If you like that avatar, click "Okay". If you want to change it, click the "Browse" button again and select a new image.

Note: If you no longer wish to have an avatar, click the check box next to "Delete current avatar?" then click "Okay".


Jaminhealth - When you click the Browse button, it should open up your computer's documents folder. After that, you'll need to navigate to where you have the image stored on your computer.

If you want to use an image from the internet, you'll need to save it to your computer first.

Let me know if I can be of further help.


Do you have a photo stored on your computer that you would like to use? Or do you want to use one that's posted on a website? Are you not able to locate an image stored on your computer, or are you getting some type of error message?

Also, are you using a mac or pc, and what internet browser are you using (internet explorer, firefox, chrome, etc.)?


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Well, I followed the instructions until I came to " Once you've selected your image click "Open"."
Couldn't find any "open" to click.

I believe the problem is one has to grow up with computers. I tried to comprehend
"Computers for Dummies" some decades back. Could understand that either. Thanks
for trying, Holly.