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How to create a WHAT In The World?!?! Game. (insert pictures/movie)

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For the game What in the World on the chit chat forum some have been asking how to insert pictures and movies in posts.
This is a full tutorial how to post a game for windows PC's. It might work differently on Apple computers.

There are many different ways how to do this so feel free to let me know how to improve on it if you know of easier ways to do or describe things. I tried to write it out in such a way that even for those who are not yet experienced with the computer can follow the steps through.

If you found a picture on the web or have a picture on your computer that you want to use for a game this is how to go about:

1. If it already is saved on your computer go to step 2. If it is still on the internet click with your right mouse button on the image and select the option to save the image. Save it on your desktop so you will know where to find it.

2. Go to the chitchat forum and copy the title of the last game with the highest number. If you know how to copy and paste just continue to step 3, else read on.

To copy click and hold down your left mouse button behind the title and while holding the mouse button down drag it all the way to in front of the title. It will become highlighted in blue. Let go of the mouse button and hold down your Ctrl key on your keyboard and while holding it down click the C key. Now you will have copied the title and are ready for step 3. Don't worry if it doesn't highlight the full title you can adjust that later on.

3. On that same page go down to the bottom right to find the create a new thread button or just click here

4. In the title field you can now paste the title by holding your Ctrl key on your keyboard down and at the same time press the v key. It will look something like this: Game 103: WHAT In The World?!?! (Sep 15). Now all you have to do is up the game number with 1 and adjust the date.

5. After typing an opening text in the next box, it is time to insert your picture. Below the box is a button that says Upload a File. Clicking that will allow you to select the image on your desktop and then click the save button. Wait for it to upload and once the green bar is full you will be able to select the option insert full image. Click it and your picture will be inserted in your post and you are ready to click the Create Thread button.

6. That's it! Let the games begin! Now if you want to insert a youtube video this is how to go about: On the window where you are watching the youtube video, copy the video url that is in your address bar. If you don't know how to copy see step 2.

7. Go back to the thread you just created. Above the box where you type your reply you will see a small icon of a tree and a piece of film right next to it. game.jpgClick the piece of film. Hold down your Ctrl key and your v key at the same time and you will have pasted the link to the video. Click the embed button to place the movie in your post and then click the post your reply. That's it!

Looking forward to see you at the games!


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Sorry to hear they seem to stand in your way Jamin. Personally I really enjoy Diane's games and look forward to them and I can't think of a better board to place them then the chit chat boards.

Thanks Julie, I really enjoy the games to, it is something fun and uplifting to look forward to. The porch and lounge are unfortunately taking to much of my energy to follow but the games are just right. It's nice that there is something for everyone.


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For all those who find the games annoying or confusing here is a work around so you don't have to see them.
If you only want to find the porch or lounge just put the word porch or lounge in the search form at the top of the page and check the search in title only. You will now get a list with only lounge or porch threads.

We all come her for support and for quite a few the games are a great way of support to have a laugh and a smile in a day that doesn't always offer so much to smile or laugh about, which can be the best possible medicine at times.


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Jamin I'm glad you are speaking up, it is always good to know how others feel about things.

For ProHealth and the boards in general these games or of topic posts are a good thing since they will show up in a lot more google searches that may not be FM/CFS related that can still bring in new members/customers and will help people find the way to support.

I can imagine though that it can be a lot for those who don't want to play or see the games. If ProHealth would have found them inappropriate I'm sure they would have let us know by now though. The chit chat board is in general not a board that new members will visit first if they have specific questions so I don't see a real problem here.

I always check for new posts too so that if new members have questions that I could answer they do not go unanswered. I don't think the chit chat board is in the way of that. When I joined a month ago I just looked for information on the boards that where CFS/ME specific to my question and the search option is great for that. Only after that I started to visit the chit chat boards and was delighted to find some light amusement as well as the more serious stuff.

If you really have a problem with the games maybe there is a way you can block them, you could ask the staff about it. If it helps feel free to block me, I think that you then won't see the games I post, I'm not sure, better to ask a staff member about that...

Anyways thanks for speaking up always good to know how others feel.


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Jamin I started to post games to since that is the only way Diane can join in a game too. It doesn't mean there will be even more games.

If only one person has to post the games all the time it means they don't get to play. And others enjoy it so much that if they come across something that is interesting for everyone to see they want to be able to share that too.

That is why I posted this thread since they where asking how to. It just means that more different people will be able to post the games, doesn't have to mean there will be more games since then ALL of us will be busy playing instead of posting, so it might even be in your advantage too ;)


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Jam - Soul posted these instructions when I asked her for help to learn the technique of posting photos.

These games have been a huge gift from Diane in terms of the time she puts into them. And for a group of us bring real brightness and fun to our day. I believe that the humor and interesting topics - seeing more of the world, is rich and healing. And the friendliness is lovely. Another healing element.

All of the many other boards focus on our health needs. PH has made plenty of room for essential topics.

If you want to post something, we can bump it up to the top so people can see it. Also you can 'not follow' the Games if they annoy you.

There's plenty of room for everyone. It's good to have a spectrum of heavy and light, serious and playful topics.