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How To Find A Lyme Literate Doctor

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Most doctors are not Lyme literate and follow the inadequate short term IDSA guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.
Lyme literate doctors follow ILADS guidelines, which call for longer and more aggressive treatment, and allow for a clinical diagnosis.

There are several ways to find a Lyme Literate MD or ND:

1.Contact your local Lyme disease support group and ask for recommendations for Lyme literate doctors who follow ILADS guidelines.
You can find some support groups in this link, although I can't guarantee that all the info is current.
Your local hospital may also have a list of various support groups in your area.

2. Go to, click on "Flash Discussion", sign up for free, and create a new post on the "Seeking a Doctor" board. In the title of your post, write the state or area in which you are looking for a Lyme literate doctor.

For instance, the title of your post should look something like this, to allow others to easily see what you need and respond:

"Seeking a LLMD in Pennsylvania or nearby state" or "Seeking a Pediatric LLMD in Maryland" or "Seeking a LLND (Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor) in California".

If you want to give more info about the situation, you can do that in the body of the post.

Since the names of LLMD's are kept private, you will receive one or more private messages with information.

3. You can use the ILADS physician referral page:

4. You can try the referral system on the Lyme Disease Association website, although you may get much more information on Lymenet.